T-pisode 147: A Year’s Worth of Dating

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Oh if it were as easy as it is in the fucking MOVIES!!! Sons of bitches.

When I write T-pisodes I usually find myself writing any of the following and usually about 10-20 T-pisodes at a time over the course of a few days. They usually are: A classic T list; A Bro Code chapter; Or 3 paragraphs worth of my opinions and experiences that cover anything in my life. A lot of people tell me that they like those the most. Sure the lists and “Bro Code” guy stuff sell tickets and put asses in the seats in the T-blawg arena but the straight honest tales seem to reach people more. So with this T-pisode I want to talk about the women I dated over the past year and what I learned from all of it. Don’t worry ladies, I’m not naming names. Put the phones away. Thank you. I have mentioned over the past year in some T-pisodes that I was focusing on dating better women while trying to improve myself as a man. By better I mean women who aren’t pieces of shit basically. I think I succeeded in some ways and failed miserably in other ways. Oh classic T! My year usually goes from birthday to birthday and this past year I ran the gamut. Below is the 2nd paragraph and just like the scripts I write it is pretty much Act 2 of the movie. The movie of my dating life in the year past. The action, the conflict…AKA the movie trailer moments you see on TV. Here is my year’s worth of dating. Get your popcorn ready.

My year started with a young hottie T-blawg groupie where hookups came and went once she moved to NYC and then we just stopped talking. End of that story. This is where I started to dislike hooking up with groupies from this site. The next were some dates with a good girl I met through friends who I didn’t have much in common with and I got the much needed “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” Good chick, we still stay in touch every once in a while. I learned that I can end things on a positive note and not destroy everything in my path. After that was another good chick who for some reason after a few dates we never got too physical and we just didn’t work out. I was the one who pulled the plug on that. Maybe it was timing? We are still friends and talk every once in a while. I learned about timing and wants here. After that I went on an old school T tear with some chicks. No big deal. I do that sometimes. Hey, I’m single! After that tear I met the girl who gave me “The Fadeout.” I still never found out why I got that. And I still think that is the shittiest thing you can do to someone you’re seeing just below cheating and lying. Queue an epic T tear that was one hell of a bender after that! There was/is the office lady friend. A great woman but I can’t cross that line. Ever. Remember this? So low and behold another T-blawg groupie crept in after that. She was cool as hell in person. Psycho as hell when it came to texting and social media. A different person really. She was young and I was wrong and played games back with her. I knew nothing good would come from it but I played anyway. I even apologized for my part but it didn’t matter. I hate the way that one ended. I still feel bad. She was the LAST T-blawg groupie. You can bet on that. I tried going on some dates with a “casual” friend who was also casually dating other people. She would’ve been a great catch. She chose another guy. Lucky bastard. I would shake his hand if I met him. I really would. Another timing issue. Then I did an LA trip where I hung out with some fun ladies. One I really wish lived in Boston. One of the most amazing women I know. Distance killed any possible chances ever with this one. When I came back to Boston I went on a series of dates with a few different women. Nothing came from any of them. Then a woman I met through this site came out to visit me. I didn’t consider her a groupie. She was older and educated. She came out to Boston and we had zero chemistry. ZERO. I tried to have a good time but she was just angry as hell and wanted to go home. So she did. After that I was ready to just enjoy my new car and have fun this Summer. Then a girl I knew became more than a girl I knew. There was different stages in life for us, different upbringings and a world of different tastes and experiences between us. We were both blind to the obvious and got caught up in it. She actually became the most serious of all the girls over the past year believe it or not. By serious I mean I only dated her and no one else. She stayed over my place 3-4 nights a week…hell she even had a toothbrush at my place! Then we went to Paris. Sand to the beach? Maybe. Whatever. I do what I want. Again, I’m single. We realized what we were doing didn’t make sense and ended as “hopefully” friends after a good run all Summer long. But that isn’t looking so doable now. But she was the one out of all of them who made me realize the type of man I am now and what I wanted in a woman. I realized I didn’t really want it with her. But she definitely didn’t want it with me that’s for sure.

So here I am. Putting out this personal as fuck T-pisode! Shit it’s fucking tough to put a year’s worth of dating into 3 damn paragraphs and sharing it with the world! But I like to challenge myself on T-blawg just like the way dating challenges me. Women challenge me. Life challenges me. I think a challenge makes you appreciate things more. And in many ways I appreciate everything I did and learned from the dating experience shared with these women from the past year. So I am thanking all these ladies. Thank you. Look, I’m not perfect. I know sometimes it seems like I’m contradicting myself with the things I say I will and won’t do when it comes to women and dating. Hell, I’m just a regular guy. But I’m the type who has to touch the iron even if you tell me it’s hot. That’s just me. From all this I now have more respect for good women. I took a cooking class and learned how to cook for myself and a good woman eventually I hope. I know I want to travel more on my own and with a lovely lady companion. I want to spend my hard earned money on someone beside myself like a good woman! See where I’m going with this? But the biggest and most important lesson I learned people? I learned that I am ready to settle down. That I want a woman ready to settle down. A woman closer to where I am in life. She lives in Boston. Loves Boston. Knows how to communicate. Doesn’t play games. But most importantly wants to be with me for whom I am and makes me want to be with her for whom she is while still learning and bettering ourselves as we walk this beautiful green Earth together. That’s what a year’s worth of dating taught me. And now I just need to remember to do something with it! I’ll never force it. I just hope for it to happen while I’m enjoying life. Sooner rather than later hopefully. Because these fucking dating T-pisodes are becoming a real pain in my ass people!


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  1. Great T-pisode! My year of dating went…drink, drink…fuck! I did realize though too that I am done with it! I actually have my first traditional date in a long time this weekend. Lovely, wonderful woman. Boston is such a great place for dates! Looking forward to it. Wish me luck!


    1. Boston has been very good to me when it comes to ladies and dating my man. Good luck bro. Go easy on her!


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