Dating Sabbatical

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Alright. Here goes. I have decided to go on a dating sabbatical. Yep, that’s right. I am taking a break from dating for a little while and I will put up daily entries about my dating sabbatical right here on T-blawg starting tomorrow. Why am I doing it? Notice all the “dating” T-pisodes lately? Well there are more on the way. I have enough T-pisodes locked & loaded to go through the end of the year. Most of them are about dating. I had a good run. But I need a break. I need some time to reconsider my approach. Plus, I have a shit load of stuff going on! My career is booming. My writing is becoming time-consuming. I’m training for obstacle races and doing a lot of dirty boxing. It’s football & basketball season. Damn I miss hockey. The weather is getting crappy real fast in Boston. And I want to spend more time with friends and family. This is the best time to pull back from dating. Now don’t get me wrong. We’re just talking dating. I’m pretty resourceful so if that other shit happens, then it happens. Read between the lines. I’m not looking for that but I’m a man and I know I need it. But in the meantime, T is officially on a dating sabbatical. Look for my daily updates here on what my life is going to be like when I’m not dating while I reconsider my approach and share my (hopeful) mind bottling revelations on dating & women. I’m out!