The Announcement

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I have an announcement to make. No I’m not getting married. Are you serious? No I’m not revealing my handsome face to the entire world. But seriously, I am like SO handsome. In December 2009 I finally gave into the peer pressure and started a blog. Friends and family thought I should share the crazy stories that I was telling them for years because they either lived those stories with me, through me or were just sick of fucking hearing them so they wanted others to suffer with them. So I sat down and created T-blawg. It became an outlet for me that was something different from my screenwriting. Over time it evolved from a blog into a one man single guy show from T-pisode to T-pisode and became my backdoor into the world of entertainment. This wasn’t my plan. But plans change. And after “T-blawg Year 2” I knew I had something here with this site. With all of you. Other bloggers & men’s sites really pillaged the shit out of T-blawg. My stories were appearing everywhere but each so-called “author” never attributed anything to me or this site. Bro Code went mainstream and I got zero credit. Zero. People were tucking their hats and half covering their faces with the T-blawg Pose before I gave it an official name and they didn’t even know where the hell it started. It started right here by the way. With me. You’ve heard of the #wouldwife hashtag before T-blawg too? Oh I don’t think so. Stop it. I can go on and on because sometimes I do and you all know and love that about me. Or hate that about me but still come here anyway. I appreciate the shit out of that by the way. I thought about tying T-blawg into my screenwriting and pitching it as a TV show. I have the treatment halfway written out. There would be 5 seasons that would fit perfectly on the schedule for a channel like FX or HBO. But it’s not what I would want the TV show to be quite yet. I need T-blawg to exist in another form before I can do that. So, I’ve decided to….WRITE A BOOK. That’s right. I’m building the foundation now and over the upcoming months I’m going to find the best way to tell my tales in book form. That requires me to do a lot of reading and writing before I can even think about financing or publishing. That’s fine. I’m ready to take on the challenge. Many people have told me to write a book and just like when I finally gave into blogging, I’m doing the same with the book. In the meantime everything here on T-blawg and all my social media channels will be status quo. I’m going to keep putting up my crazy weekly T-pisodes, tweeting nonsense, Facebooking random sayings, Instagramming T-blawg Poses & #foodporn and tumblring that crazy shit I find on tumblr. I’m putting the screenwriting on hold but I have a shit ton of material that I will be sending out to Hollywood in the meantime hoping they wake up and allow me to entertain the world with my original movies & TV shows. And I’m going to keep working, writing, working out, dating, traveling, sporting, Bostoning, T-blawging like I’ve always been! You all made this possible. Keep reading and I’ll keep taking it there. Just please take your asses to the bookstore when the book comes out and buy that shit!



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