T-pisode 205: Success

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Finally have a T-pisode where I can use the "Success Baby" meme!
Finally have a T-pisode where I can use the “Success Baby” meme!

I’m no friggin’ Good Will Hunting, but if my math is correct this T-pisode will be going up while I am touring the Vatican in Rome, Italy with my mother. That opening statement speaks levels for me. The Boston reference. The movie reference. The T-blawg reference. The family reference. The Italian reference. And another annual trip to Europe reference. Some of my favorite things. To me, being able to enjoy my favorite things says that I am a success. My life is a success. Therefore, I am a successful man. I truly believe that each man should try to attain his own version of success. I honestly don’t care how you measure success or judge the success of others but if you can live the life you want to live, then you are a successful person. The best part of being successful is enjoying a success that many people didn’t think you would ever have. That you shouldn’t have. That you couldn’t have. Ol’ T is here right now telling you that the best success you can EVER achieve in life is the success that you weren’t meant to have and that puts the biggest smile on my face.

When I was a little kid I used to go with my mother to visit my father in prison. She would go inside to talk to him on the phone behind a plate glass window while I stayed outside and played in the yard with the other kids. The kids were allowed to take two toys with them into the yard. But those toys had to be declared “safe” toys by the prison guards. You all read my famous childhood moments so you know I was an evil kid so obviously I loved the bad guys growing up. I brought Megatron from the Transformers and Zartan from GI Joe with me one Saturday afternoon to the prison. Because Megatron turned into a gun and Zartan had a “sharp” plastic chest covering, they were declared unsafe and I had to leave them with the security guard. I placed them gently in the box and he put them in a wooden bin that was for the specific prisoner you were visiting. After the visit my mother and I went to collect my toys and they were both broken. One thing about me, I take care of my shit. As a grown man and even when I was a little kid. My toys weren’t broken when I left them with this guard. Instead of owning up to it or just being polite about the situation, this piece of shit laughed at me and my mother while denying what he did. I told him to go fuck himself. Then he said to my mother and I quote “You’re going to be visiting him in here one day too.” Meaning me. Well Mr. Piece Of Shit Douchebag Fuck Prison Security Guard, my mother and I are in Rome. I am not a criminal. Nor am I in prison. She’s not visiting me there, instead she is visiting the Pope. So thank you for being a scumbag to a woman and a mother who worked three jobs to take care of her two kids while her husband was in prison. And thank you for lighting a fire under the ass of a little punk kid assuring that he would do whatever it takes to be a success in life. Because I went from not having much to having everything I need and I’m on the road to getting everything I want in life. Does that make me a successful man? You’re damn right it does.

I had a lot of fun growing up piss poor in Eastie. I have a lot of fun now too. But I’m never going back. I measure my success by going forward while taking the time to reflect on my life. Do I glorify the shit I’ve been through in life on this site? Maybe. I’ll leave that up to all of you. I mostly look at it as entertaining the world while drawing out a road map of one man’s life. Success to me has been my only option. I couldn’t go down that road that so many people expected me to go down. No fucking way. Success comes in many forms in life. After a while they start to pile up if you do the right things. I couldn’t see that while I was living the life I had to live when I was younger but now I see it. I see all the accomplishments. I see all the people I proved wrong on the side of the road as I passed them by. I see a life in front of me that is awesome. I see more success. So prove them wrong I say. Prove all of those sons of bitches wrong and most importantly prove yourself right. I did. I wasn’t supposed to. But I did. And I’m still going baby.


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