T-pisode 207: “T-blawg The Book” Part 1

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This may or may not be the title of my book.
This may or may not be the title of my book.

So, I decided to write a book. I made the announcement here. My goal? To turn everything I’ve written on T-blawg into book form. Each and every single T-pisode. The good, the bad, the funny, the crazy, the ugly, the embarrassing, the truth. All of it. My life, written T style. I’ve written on this site for exactly 4 years. I’ve written movie and television scripts for exactly 11 years. I’ve written business plans, business proposals and business emails for 13 years. And I’ve written social media updates, personal emails and texts every day for a very long time. It’s safe to say that ol’ T has many writing styles. I consider the ability to switch and shift gears many times on a given day a God-given talent. Is it a good talent? Sometimes yes. Sometimes I know that something I’ve written absolutely sucked when I go back and read it. But that’s the life of a writer. You’ll never be perfect but you keep writing.

I went out and bought 5 books. I planned on reading all of them this past Summer but due to life and everything in it, my Summer book reading finally ended this Fall. I bought and read “Writing Your Life” about how to write your life as simple memoirs. Tucker Max’s “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” because for years everyone compared me to him, my stories to his and T-blawg to his site. Kevin Smith’s “Tough Shit” about how an ordinary guy wrote his way into making Hollywood movies without any formal training. “The Bro Code” from the people behind “How I Met Your Mother” which is as generic and corny as you can get by watering down everything I’ve written in my “Bro Code” chapters over the last 4 years. And finally, “Sex, Lies And The Dirty” by Nik Richie about how one guy created a website and a secret online persona that created controversy and threw him into living a double life. All 5 books combined with the almost 200 T-pisodes I had already shared with the world made me feel that I had a good starting point. Every aspect of my life was touched upon with all of this combined material. Want my short review of each book just for shits & giggles??? Ok. The writing my life book didn’t help at all because it turned out I had already been writing my memoirs except I called them T-pisodes. Hello. I truly believe that Tucker Max is a lying douchebag while I was a truthful asshole in my earlier days. So stop comparing me to him now please. Kevin Smith has a very unique writing style that shows in his book and in his scripts, which I’ve read for years. The man is a wordsmith. Right up there with Quentin Tarantino. His story and life are very inspiring. Respect. The generic “The Bro Code” book? Please! Worthless. My “Bro Code” is the only “Bro Code” and that’s that.  Nik Richie, The Dirty (his website) and his book? Closest thing to what I’ve been doing with T-blawg yet! The man is no writer but he is a great storyteller. His book was the best read and gave me a shit ton of useful information that will help me with writing “T-blawg The Book.”

So here I am. All read up and ready to go yo. Am I ready to write? Um….no. Now I have to go back and read each and every single T-pisode I have EVER written. All 200 plus. Because I have to figure out which ones I can pull from and place into the book. Which ones I can expand upon and turn into book chapters. I also plan to go back and number each one starting with T-pisode 1 since I didn’t start calling my posts T-pisodes until 2011. I know I have my work cut out for me. But I know I have something here. I’ve always said that. I’m going to spend the next year of my life writing this book and finding a way(s) to get it out into the world. I’ll give book updates every so often on here. Hopefully you all stay interested. Because I know I can do a lot more entertaining with the book in ways I can’t on the website/social media/internet forms of T-blawg. Get ready. Shit just got real.


Until next time. Always take it there.