T-pisode 228: Loyalty

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I have a lot of tattoos. This is most certainly not one of mine.
I have a lot of tattoos. This is most certainly not one of mine.

*Way back in T-pisode 187 I wrote about the word forgiveness followed by T-pisode 205 where I defined my version of the word success. Two of the most difficult T-pisodes I ever forced myself to write but felt I had to share. A lot of people want to know more about my opinions on life and how I see things the way I do and the reasons behind it all. So I’m obliging. For the next 10 Mondays 2/17/14-4/21/14 I am going to write about a particular word and show the world how I define it. Something different but I hope you take something away from it all. Enjoy.


I sat and wrote all 10 of these “T defines a certain word” T-pisodes in one sitting. I wanted to write about 10 words that played a part in my life. Then, now and most likely in my future. It took a lot of time to do and it was completely different from anything I’ve ever done on T-blawg but I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I wrote all 10 of them. I started with pride and I’m ending the series with loyalty. Because whether I’ve been loyal to all of you from what I promised to deliver 4 and ½ years ago on here to the loyalty you’ve seen that I have to my friends, to my family and of course to my city of Boston, I guess you all know by now that I’m a very loyal person.

I’m a lifer. Once you have me in your life, you got me forever. From birth to the dirt. From the womb to the tomb. Blood in and blood out. All those life & loyalty clichés, they’re all me. I mean this T-pisode is going up on Marathon Monday. Patriots Day. April 21, 2014. This day encompasses loyalty. For 18 years I’ve been loyal to this Boston only holiday. To my city. To the same faces that I see every year on this day. To the same routine of drinks, the Sox game then bar crawling all over the city with my trademark Boston Red Sox hat on my head. Even more so this year. One year after the Marathon tragedies. That’s loyalty. That’s who I am. That’s who I’ll always be. Rich. Poor. A kid from Eastie. An Oscar-winning screenwriter. Published author. Husband. Dad. All the things I was and all the things I will become, I’ll always be loyal to everyone and everything that got me here. To everything that is going to get me there. And I’ll always be loyal to myself, never letting myself forget where I come from, where I am and where I’m going. Every single word I defined in the last 10 T-pisodes has shown that. Hell, I’m even willing to say almost all 228 of them have shown that. I have my name tatted on my arm. I wear my city on my sleeve. I’ve given my arm to my family. Shakespeare’s words are forever inked on me. The lion. The Leo. The sun over my tracheotomy scar. I’m committed and faithful to everything I am. To everything I love. And to everything I am determined to become. I put the “T” in loyalty. Pun intended.

Loyalty encompasses faith, determination and commitment. I know a lot of loyal people. Boston and my family are full of them. Some are loyal to the wrong beliefs & practices but they are loyal nonetheless. But at the end of the day I WILL always respect a loyal person. I will end up marrying a loyal person. Because I am a loyal person. It’s what I know. It’s all I know. If you’re loyal to me then there isn’t anything I won’t do for you. Anything. And with that, I’m bringing this word series to an end. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned a bit more about me and maybe even something about yourself. Next week I get back to business. But with a few changes that have happened in my life recently. If you’ve followed along on social media you should already know. Stay tuned people. It’s only going to get better!



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