T-pisode 237: Shit Happens

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You're damn right Forrest.
You’re damn right Forrest.

Every once in a while you have to take some lumps. Call it karma. Call it paying your dues. Call it a valley to the peak you’re just coming down from. Call it whatever the fuck you want. I call it life. When you don’t have much and then work your ass off to get everything you want you somehow manage to be both cocky and humble at the same time. You get comfortable in your ways and sometimes forget what it took to get where you are. Then the floor drops out from under you and you’re left standing around wondering “Why me?” or “Where did it all go wrong?” It’s not a question of whether you deserve it but what you do when it happens. When what happens? Shit. That’s right. Hey, guess what? Shit happens.

In life shit always happens. It doesn’t matter if you have deemed yourself a good person or a bad person. Bottom line is things aren’t always going to go your way. Life isn’t always going to be great. It isn’t always going to be hard either. Every once in a while you need some unexpected shit to happen to you. To remind you where you are in life. To remind you how you handle things. To remind you how far you’ve come. To remind you how much you’ve changed. To remind you just how strong or how fucking weak you really are. Life is going to test you. It is going to give you everything you thought you could ever want one second then take it all away from you the next. Now what? Now, you keep on living baby! That’s what. You pick yourself up, you brush yourself off and you get back up and say to yourself “Oh well. Shit happens.” Tomorrow you go back to the gym. Then you go into the office and crush it reminding yourself why you earn those six figures every fucking year. Then you come home and write a future New York Times best seller and a future Hollywood Summer blockbuster movie. Then you go out with your boys and drink to a life you once lived and toast to your so fucking bright future filled with unlimited potential. Then you spend time with your family who know you best and treat you even better than you deserve. Then you make peace. With yourself. Then you get refocused and your life gets back to normal. Back to awesome. You realize that it isn’t karma. You realize that the world isn’t out to get you anymore. You realize that you can love someone more than you love yourself for the first time in your adult life. You find out that you can love someone more than they love you. Maybe you loved too fast. You realize that your heart isn’t cold because of what she taught you when you were together. You realize that there’s still hope and anything is still possible in the future once you slow down. You realize that your mother is going to be ok no matter what because she needs to see that you’re going to be ok. Next thing you know it’s Summer in Boston and you’re walking around with that old dopey smile on your face that makes people think you’re always up to something and you catch yourself saying out loud “Hey T, shit happens.”

I can’t tell you what to do when shit happens to you. Just know that there are people out there that have their own shit happening to them every damn day and that you are not alone. You’re going to get shook. You’re going to get knocked down. You’re going to have to deal with it all. But you’re going to be ok because quite honestly, it’s just shit. Compare it to the other things that you’ve dealt with in your life. You’ve been through worse and you’re still here. Life is full of the unexpected. Both good and bad. And remember, sometimes bad shit happens but guess what? Good shit happens too. Just wait for it. Be patient or make it happen. Because life is good when you’re on top of the world.


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  1. T,
    Yes this puts a lot of things into perspective. After everything people go through in a relationship, we keep striving for the “one”. The one who makes us feel good, the one we strive to be the best for, the one who makes us believe that love is out there. Man it’s been a rough year as you know. But we pick ourselves up, clean off the dust, put a smile on our face and continue on. This episode especially hit home due to unforseen circumstances. Again we get up brush ourselves off and continue on without looking back. I don’t even have rearview mirrors on my car anymore.


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