Time to smile again

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I hardly ever write anything on the site during the week. I usually stick to witty comments on Twitter, funny stuff on the Facebook page, a cool Boston pic or T-blawg Pose on Instagram with the occasional #wouldwife and YouTube video on here. Monday still is, was and will always be T-blawg Day. But it’s no secret that the past month has been a trying time for me. Hell, even before that when I found out back in March my mother needed another surgery. The last few months were tough and I sort of lost my mojo and it all came to a head last month. I’m not going to rehash everything here tonight. I’m also not going to apologize for what I put up on the site recently. Because I promised to stay honest and never apologize for any T-pisode. Ever. Right or wrong. Usual positive T style or not. I have to stay true to this site. I have to keep my word. It means more to me than you can ever imagine. So much so that I’ve been talking to other sites about writing for them but they want different material that isn’t T-blawg related. While I am a writer and I never run out of material, I keep saying no to them. Unless they can respect this site then I will not sign any deals. It’s T-blawg above everything else. I don’t need their money. I already make money. I do T-blawg for free because I believe in it. I believe it will make money one day soon. But until that day, T-blawg comes first. That’s what she said.

With that all said, today we received some great news about my mother’s health. She is cancer free and recovering fast. THAT has lifted a huge dark cloud from my life. From her life. I am writing again. Writing T-pisodes and the T-blawg Book IS coming. Hell, I even started another movie treatment. I am at the gym again and my arm is healing. Can’t really do weights but my cardio and conditioning training is on point and I’m having fun with it. I am still super busy at the office but I keep knocking each project out the park because it’s what I do best. I’m also enjoying the people in my life again. And I’ve slowed down and I’m learning not to rush some things and let things progress more naturally. But my mother’s health was always the number one priority and with that taken care of, it’s time. It’s time to smile again. And ol’ T loves to smile.

Finally…. I just wanted to thank you all for your support, prayers and kind words as of late. Please know that I keep T-blawg going not only for me but for all of you as well. I share my life so you are entertained and hopefully take something away with you each time I write.