The Grown Man Social Media Change

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I have reached a certain age in life…a certain point in life where I no longer find the “fun” in social media. Where I really no longer have a lot of use for social media. It is now a distraction and creates what is mostly unnecessary for “me” instead of benefitting T-blawg. I didn’t start T-blawg for social media “likes” or favorites. I started it so there would always be a place where I could share my stories, my style of writing and entertain people who didn’t know the guy under the hat. Social media was great at first when it directed people to T-blawg. It still does that in many ways but it’s just not for me to partake in on a daily basis anymore. It is only for T-blawg and I have to remember that. This is the last step in separating my “real” life from my “T-blawg” life. It was one hell of a run though!!!

As of tomorrow, my Twitter will be for sharing T-pisodes and answering any T-blawg related questions and comments. My Facebook page will also be for sharing T-pisodes but will include funny memes, cool Boston pics and random T thoughts from time to time. My Instagram will continue to be full of the awesomeness that I enjoy from a T-blawg perspective. itself… Well I turned the email off but the comments are back on with my approval.

I’m a grown man now and this is a grown man and a personal decision. And a business decision. Hope you all respect it. But who knows, I can change my mind one day. Maybe when the book is out and I need to spread the word. But for now, it is what it is….