T-pisode 264: The Decision

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This was when Winter finally hit Boston. And she hit us hard as shit baby. So hard that my damn Instagram changed forever too. I’ll tell THAT story! So many stories!!!
This was when Winter finally hit Boston. And she hit us hard as shit baby. So hard that my damn Instagram changed forever too. I’ll tell THAT story! So many stories!!!


I was on the seventh chapter on the third draft of my book. At the time that chapter was about my “Legendary Childhood Moments” where I listed out some crazy tales from when I was a pretty bad little kid getting into all kinds of shenanigans! Chapter 7 has since changed and is now another chapter of my life. It may change again. I came up with a cool way to structure my book on the fourth draft and had to move some pieces around to put the puzzle together. But while I was writing that third draft and that chapter with snow coming down outside, with a “cool” Instagram pic posted to prove it (pun intended, #nofilteryo), with the Patriots in the playoffs before Deflategate had a name, with a girl heading over to my place…all stories I’ll get into more detail about on here soon enough…it was at that exact moment I wanted T-blawg back. So much so that I decided I was going to turn the site back on in less than 5 months from that moment.

I turned the computer off. I had a bottle of white wine waiting for her. It was late on a weeknight and I had to be in the office in the morning but was hoping for a work from home day. Those work from home days came later on that Winter but not that next day. I didn’t have any food in the house for her. All I had were the meals I hired another woman to cook for me. Fifteen of them for the work week. Not counting my nuts and bananas. Wait, what? I’ll tell the meal prep story soon enough people, I promise. But she couldn’t have my meals! But I had plenty of wine. I usually stock 8 bottles of the low-end wine in my living room for occasions like this. The high-end stuff, mostly from my trips to Europe, are high above my kitchen cabinets for more important occasions. But there’s something about women and white wine isn’t there? White wine. Ice cream. Pizza. Throw in a cat or a dog and they honestly wouldn’t need us men. Because I’m convinced they can then watch “Orange Is the New Black” then go hook up with each other. I swear to Baby Jesus that’s all they need these days. But a woman and her bottle of chilled white wine? Shit, even if it’s not chilled she WILL take it down like a champ. It’s like if you gave me a bottle of whiskey and dared to me to drink it in one sitting. Trust me, I wouldn’t need the dare. As long as it was on a cheat day, because according to some people…some women…I’m too stuck in my ways. I’ll tell that story soon enough too. Out of the two lady friends that came over a lot during the Winter, this one I would later realize I had a connection with. A connection that didn’t make sense for either of us and we would discuss that several times later on that Winter and even into Spring. That story is coming. The other girl ended up liking me too much. Sweet girl but I wasn’t into her like that. These were both girls. Not quite women. There was a woman too. Two women actually. One woman I had gone years without seeing and had only seen once at that time but wanted to see again to see if something more could be there. And then there was another woman who I was just starting to get to know in a friendlier way and who really interested the hell out of me because she was a lot different from what I thought she was like. She is standoffish in a private, yet sexy, intelligent, non-Pink Hat, really into her health and career kind of way. I like that. And remember people, I was single. I was “doing me” as the kids like to say. So this was my time off from T-blawg and a lot more happened but this is why I decided at that moment to come back. To tell these stories and then some.

I trusted each of these girls/women with T-blawg. Told them about it. Some I told about how I grew up. That I had written scripts and pitched them in Hollywood. Some of them I even brought around my friends. Hell some I even watched a Pats game or two with. Really. They all brought something to the table in their own way and inspired me to want to write here again. It had been some time since I last had a female muse. My ex used to inspire me to write all the time. I really liked that about her. That revelation also made me finally come to peace with that ending too. I’ll tell that story soon enough, trust me. Women, work, sports, health, habits, life, my philosophies, my opinions and so on…the decision was made to write them out for the world to see again. On THAT night. At THAT moment. I called my cousin the next day. The same cousin who I have written about several times on here. I told him that I was bringing T-blawg back. He simply said “About fucking time.” Now all I had to do was get through the most brutal Boston Winter ever while trying to finish the book with these ladies coming in & out of my life almost daily and then I just had to start writing T-pisodes again…without killing someone over their stupid fucking Deflategate opinions. That was the decision.


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