T-pisode 265: Life Inventory

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After I did my “life inventory” things were looking up! See what I did there? With this photo?? Looking up??? GET IT?! This shit was so much easier when I used memes.
After I did my “life inventory” things were looking up! See what I did there? With this photo?? Looking up??? GET IT?! This shit was so much easier when I used memes.


I don’t get writer’s block often but when I do I try to promise myself that I’ll get the writing done the very next day. I put a little “To Do” in my iCalendar so I’m reminded on all my devices. I’m OCD like that I guess. There was one night this past winter when I couldn’t write so I just started to pop open my calendar, my holiday shopping list, my office to do list, my gym routine, Facebook, my contact list…I went NUTS! I took all that restless energy from my writer’s block and I guess I started to work on this crazy life to do list. The timing was right. It was almost the end of the year where I always reflect on the past year and start to list out some goals and plans for the upcoming new year. But this was different. I took shit to another level.

I went from top to bottom. From small to big. From petty to important. From materialistic to idealistic. It was a collection of everything and everyone in my life and which, who & what I either needed or didn’t need in my life any longer. What was no longer of value. What and who was a distraction. What I wanted that I didn’t have and how I was going to get it. From top to bottom I spent the entire night covering everything in my life. I did what I’m now calling a much-needed “life inventory” and it was a success looking back now. I did a huge inventory that night but here are just some of the things I inventoried… My arm was healed but I didn’t have the speed in my hands that I had before the nerve damage happened. The power was back but not the speed. I changed my dirty boxing routine and brought back the speed bag. My diet was good but maybe I should try this personal chef my buddy was using for his meal prep? I hired her. I felt that I needed new clothes. I bought an entirely new wardrobe. I wanted a new car so in the spring I got one. When was I going to book Greece? Summer? Ok. I haven’t talked to this person since high school so why are we still Facebook friends? We never talk on here. Unfriended. My niece wants Taylor Swift tickets for her birthday? Bought her on the field seats. I miss writing movies. After the book, I’m writing a new script…in the calendar it goes for 2015. Why the hell do I answer this girl’s texts? She only texts me when she wants something then likes to play little kid games. Blocked the number. Why do I keep on trying to hang out with this dude? He always has an excuse. Guess we’re not as tight as we used to be. Stopped trying. Why the hell do I care about my ex’s new boyfriend’s Instagram? I told my buddy to stop sending me screenshots. I really need to draft my 2015 goals for the office job by the end of quarter one. So I did and even though it took almost 4 more months, I discussed them with my manager and put them into play for the year. How many mud races will I do in 2015? Should I go back to LA? Should I move a chunk of my money into the fixed-income world? Is it time for wireless headphones? The damn wire is a pain in the ass. Should I take another cooking class? What’s my credit score now? Do I really need another tattoo…maybe start the full sleeves? I should finally get Lasik. I ran the gamut! I covered everything I could that night. People, things, feelings…all came and went. And the rest went on lists or in my calendar. I was refreshed.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do another one of these life inventories with the way I live my life. My life is busy. It’s awesome. But busy. There are a lot of friggin’ moving parts in my life for one person. I love and respect the life I’ve made for myself but it needed to be looked at in my opinion. Maybe this was a result of misdirection from the writer’s block but I’m glad I did that “inventory” that night. It was like a self-evaluation to myself and I was able to identify what was working and what needed improvement. Of course this sounds easy and reads easy on paper…ehh onscreen. But try doing a life inventory on your own life. See what it does for you. I can’t guarantee it will be life changing but I do guarantee you will have a better appreciation and understanding of where your life stands and where it’s going after you do it.


Until next time. Always take it there.