T-pisode 275: Grown Man Shit 2-Self Worth

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Too many men are concerned about the other guy. Be more concerned about yourself and the other guy will start to be concerned about you.
Too many men are concerned about the other guy. Be more concerned about yourself and the other guy will start to be concerned about you.


I started to shift T-blawg over from the young, angry, crazy years to the more current adult years in year 3 of T-blawg. “Bro Code” chapters were transitioning over to “Grown Man Shit” advice and stories culminating with me defining “Grown Man Shit” in year 4 with T-pisode: 200. Then I completed my 18-chapter long “Bro Code” anthology with the final “Bro Grown Man Shit Code” chapter before I took my hiatus from T-blawg. Well it’s been 75 T-pisodes and a 6-month hiatus since T-pisode 200 and I felt it was time for a sequel! So, I present “Grown Man Shit 2-Self Worth.”

Self worth is the opinion you have about yourself or the value you place on yourself. As men a lot of us don’t really have an honest opinion of who or what we are. We are constantly letting ourselves get devalued. Whether it is by comparison to other men or putting monetary price tags on our own worth or by letting some of the women we get involved with make us feel less about ourselves. This is ridiculous and this needs to stop! Over the years I have built one hell of a fucking life for myself and through trial & error I have built one hell of a fucking life portfolio that makes my self worth priceless in my opinion. You’re damn right I said priceless. And no way am I ever allowing someone else to dictate my self worth because of that. I’ve worked too damn hard to become the man I am today and I’ll be damned if I need validation from a woman who doesn’t want to be with me or from some other lesser man because of the life HE lives. No way. That is not self worth. I know how educated I am; how cultured I am; how well-travelled I am; how talented I am; how kind I am; how funny I am; how passionate I am; how giving I am; how successful I am. While monetary value and material possessions do not make a man, it is a great feeling having nice things. I have a full passport. I drive a brand new car. I live in an expensive neighborhood. I have a great career. I have many toys. I am able to spoil everyone I care about. This does not make me a better man. But this allows me to not be concerned about the other guy’s car, house, office, vacation, girlfriend, toys, etc. My self worth and confidence have allowed me to attain this life and to attain the knowledge that I am not better than any other guy. But I’ll be damned if any other guy thinks he’s better than me. Pound for pound…story for story…success for success… no man will ever be allowed to get into a pissing contest with me. Because I know my self worth. Every man should. Fellas, you should too. Put your own fucking value on yourself and the sky is the limit. Know this. And be on your “Grown Man Shit.”

I’ve had a few people ask me about “Grown Man Shit.” I even had some people question it or try to use it against me. Plenty of people have tried to use my site, my own rules, my own stories from here against me over the years. And it’s ok. I know what I’ve written here. I know what I’ve said on social media. And I know what I’ve done in my personal life off of T-blawg. I am the same guy with or without the hat. So when a woman I was involved with not too long ago used “Grown Man Shit” in a text against me, I didn’t flinch. T-blawg and my written words are also a huge part of my own self worth. I have confidence and value in each one of my words. That is who I am today. Self worth fellas, know yours. And until “Grown Man Shit 3”…once again, thank me later.




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