T-pisode 276: Hategate

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Stop hating Tom Brady. Stop hating Bill Belichick. Stop hating the Patriots. Instead, hate Roger Goodell for what he has done to the NFL. Hate your shitty football team for not being able to beat the Patriots. Hate your team for whining more than winning. For all their excuses instead of having accountability for their shortcomings. And hate your fucking self if you are a hater in general. Enough.
Stop hating Tom Brady. Stop hating Bill Belichick. Stop hating the Patriots. Instead, hate Roger Goodell for what he has done to the NFL. Hate your shitty football team for not being able to beat the Patriots. Hate your team for whining more than winning. For all their excuses instead of having accountability for their shortcomings. And hate your fucking self if you are a hater in general. Enough.



One of the T-pisodes that I promised myself that I would write when I returned would be about the hate my Patriots are getting. You knew the Boston guy with Patriots season tickets who has written about Boston sports for years would have something to say so I know you are all not surprised. So this is my Roger Goodell/NFL/Tom Brady & the New England Patriots haters diss T-pisode. I’m going old school East Boston style on this one. I’m going Tupac 19 years since his death old school on this one. Read at your own risk. You’ve been warned. I’ve waited a long time to write this one.



“They hate us cause they ain’t us.” That has become our mantra around here. Around Boston. Around New England. And it’s so fucking true. Why is it true? Because the modern-day New England Patriots of 2001-present with Tom Brady as their starting quarterback with Bill Belichick as their head coach with Robert Kraft as their owner and with their skills, playbook, system and their abilities to elevate the talent and work ethic of all the other players and coaches on the team the last 15 seasons, ARE the greatest NFL team in history. And when you’re the fucking best and nobody can figure out how to beat you, how to stop you, how to even compete with you, they will find every excuse, every reason, every nothing and turn it into something to take you down. And that is exactly what the fuck is going on today in the NFL. With Roger Goodell. With the other teams, players and owners. With all the other teams’ fans. You are all hating on greatness and it is SO fucking old.

The Tuck Rule. I said it then, I’ll say it now. Tom Brady ABSOLUTELY fumbled in that game and it should’ve been the Raiders’ ball. But Brady didn’t make that stupid rule. The NFL did. The Patriots didn’t make that call. The referees did. The Tuck Rule was so stupid that the NFL finally abolished it years later. It happened. Pats won. Move the fuck on. Spygate. Every sport has unspoken rules that teams like to bend. It’s all a matter of perspective. Bill Belichick was Eric Mangini’s mentor in the NFL and when the little bitch went over to coach the Jets and knew that he couldn’t beat Belichick he went to the NFL and ratted him out and betrayed him. Did Belichick and the Patriots break the rules? Yes. Did they pay stiff penalties for it? Yes. Did they still go on to rule the AFC East and win more division titles and Super Bowls? You betcha. Did other teams, players and coaches do worse shit than that? THEY SURE DID. But that shit isn’t as newsworthy because they’re not the Patriots. They’re not as important. Now that Tom Brady’s suspension was lifted ESPN wants to start this shit up again. Convenient that it happened immediately after that right? From a network that hasn’t been relevant since they jumped on Lebron James’ dick and let that Michael Jordan wannabe do that “The Decision” bullshit. And you’re nuts if you don’t think the NFL didn’t leak those “new” Spygate findings to ESPN. That’s some more Roger Goodell bush league bullshit. That’s some more ESPN irrelevant “sports news coverage” bullshit again. Spygate came and went. Like your ex-girlfriend, bro. Move the fuck on. DEFLATEGATE. This is the big one. We’re talking about the air in footballs that became slightly lighter in pounds per square inch during a game. From game play. From shitty New England winter weather. That’s what we’re talking about. Really. Tom Brady likes his footballs a certain way. Peyton Manning does too. So does Aaron Rodgers. Fuck, all the starting quarterbacks do. Of course they have the team staff set the balls to their liking before each game and then the NFL refs are supposed to inspect them before the game begins. And of course, the psi will fucking change from two quarters of game play wear and tear you stupid fucks. Millions of dollars were spent during months and months of investigating and the outcome was “more probable than not” that Tom Brady had to be “generally aware” that the balls were deflated. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?! Then Roger Goodell being the bitch that he is feeling the pressure from other owners who can’t beat the Patriots, trying to also make up for the “light” Spygate penalties and for dropping the fucking ball with all the dog killers, rapists, murderers, child abusers and women beaters in the league decided to come down extra hard on the Patriots and Tom Brady. Completely abusing his power and absolutely showing what a fool he fucking is and should not be the NFL commissioner. This opened the floodgates for the uneducated Patriots haters once again. I KNEW from day one that Brady was going to beat the suspension. Because it was fucking insane. That didn’t really bother me. What bothered me was all the shit I had to hear again from the haters. So called football fans that have been jealous of my team for the last 15 years. Some were Pink Hatters. Some were just assholes. Some were friendly ball busters. Some were morally corrupt pieces of shit who have cheated in life, cheated on their wives, lied, stolen and liked to run their mouths just for the sake of running their mouths. But I wasn’t having it. How dare any of you hypocrites deflect your own self-hate and pass judgment on my love for my team(s)? On Tom Brady? On the Patriots? You all exposed yourselves just like Roger Goodell. You all looked like fucking fools. And in the end…Tom Brady was exonerated. Deflategate happened. It was the biggest joke attack on the Patriots so far. But it happened. And Tom Brady won…again. Move the fuck on.

In my time I have seen dynasties with the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Yankees, Red Sox and Patriots. I watched athletes bring greatness to their sports. Michael Jordan was great because of his skills, his ability to elevate others around him, being clutch and winning the BIG ONE. Wayne Gretzy did the same for hockey with every team he played for. Derek Jeter did it with the Yankees. That’s right. A Boston guy giving Jeter and the Yankees credit because that’s where credit is due. And Tom fucking Brady is to football what those guys were to basketball, hockey and baseball. But more so. Because he wasn’t supposed to be great like those guys were. Tom Brady was the underdog who was given an opportunity as a backup quarterback and ran with it. He is everything Peyton Manning was supposed to be but never became. Numbers don’t lie. He’s better than Peyton. He’s better than Montana now. The man is also a class act who restructures his contract almost every year to give his teammates more money. He is involved with so many charities. He even gave Malcolm Butler the Super Bowl MVP truck because he knew he should’ve been the MVP instead of him. He elevates the players on the team. Do you think guys like Welker, Gronk and Edelman would have had the careers they had on other teams? With other quarterbacks? No fucking way. Tom Brady is rich. He has a supermodel wife. He has good looks. He is a great dad. He has everything every guy wants but is afraid to go out and get. Because he works his ass off for it all while you are too lazy to do anything for yourselves. He minds his own business and puts the fucking work in unlike all of you. So what do you all do? You hate on the man. You jealous fucks. Well keep hating on him. On the Patriots. On my love for my team. On me. Because we’re over here winning. That’s what winners do. “They hate us cause they ain’t us.”


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