T-pisode 284: Day Off

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I didn’t take this pic today on my day off. I did take a pic at Wahlburger’s today though. It’s on my Instagram. https://instagram.com/p/94MhQIKCVP/ It smells like cheeseburgers. LOLzzzzz.
I didn’t take this pic today on my day off. I did take a pic at Wahlburger’s today though. It’s on my Instagram. It smells like cheeseburgers. LOLzzzzz.


I had a T-pisode lined up today. It was locked and loaded. But instead I decided to do an impromptu post about my, well my day off really. While I do get plenty of vacation days I hardly take days off unless I’m actually going away on vacation. I do plan days when I don’t go into the office during Patriots season because I want to make sure I use the next day to fully recover. Having Pats season tickets takes a lot out of me the next day but I don’t spend the day hungover sitting on my ass. No. I still do shit. I still get shit done. Even on my day off. Let me tell you how my day went down today.

My typical days off usually go the same. Today I woke up early still. I was up at 7:15. Had a slight hangover from the Pats game in Gillette yesterday. Mostly because it wasn’t a “normal” Pats game. I went to this game with 3 of my oldest buddies that I grew up with so I had “extra” fun at the game yesterday. I’ll turn it into a future T-pisode. I started the morning checking and responding to my “office job” emails. I take pride in my work and I really like my job so I still move things even if I’m not there. That’s how I roll yo. Next up, I fired off some T-blawg social media stuff. My “other” job. Monday is still “chest & tris” day so I hit up the gym and lifted and ran and sweated out the alcohol and junk food and cigars I put into my system yesterday. I came home and had breakfast, showered and then started writing some T-blawg book pages. Yes, I’m still working on the damn book. Leave me alone. My mind went elsewhere and I started some text blasts. Some offensive memes went out. Some flirts went out. Some sports shit talking went out. Some checking in with LA connections went out. Some tooting my own horn texts went out about how Boston.com made me one of it’s “Top 22 Instagrammers” last week. Thug life!!! And then after all that shit I couldn’t get my rhythm going again with the writing so I went to the movies. I still have to see every damn movie. I still study every damn movie. I still read every damn script of every damn movie out there. And yes, I plan to get back to the screenwriting one day. I saw “Spectre” and it was pretty good. I really hope this isn’t Daniel Craig’s last “Bond” flick because he is the only James Bond to get me to enjoy the Bond movies. In the middle of the flick I got a text that Dion Lewis tore his ACL yesterday. That fucking SUCKED bro. But the Patriots will adjust. They always do. After the movie I went over to the new Boston Wahlburgers because the place has been jammed every other time since it opened last month. No, Monday is not a cheat day for me but I wanted a damn burger and Mahky Mahk and Donnie D. on the back up do a decent burger kid. That sentence was SO Boston you may have to Google it. Plus, I was hoping to run into one of them and talk Boston movie making shit. Maybe next time. I still left saying, “Say hi to your mother for me.” Then I came home, answered more work emails and started to trim “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 3” for next week. Yep. It’s been over 3 years but next Monday I complete the trilogy. It’s my “Godfather” yo. Except the last one won’t suck like “Godfather 3” did.

That was my so-called day off. I’m not sure if any of you wanted to see what my typical day off looks like but that’s it. And now I’m sitting here writing this T-pisode about to post it and hopefully you’ll all read it and get something out of it. This wasn’t a usual opinion T-pisode or a lesson learned T-pisode or a flashback T-pisode or a list T-pisode or a travel T-pisode or a… It was a day off T-pisode ok! Enjoy it. And take a day off yourself. Go to the gym then have a damn burger or something. You only live once. Go get silly. Now excuse me while I finish “Boston’s Hottest 3.”


Until next time. Always take it there.