T-pisode 285: Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 3

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I think this T-blawg Pose pic is one hell of a way to close out the “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” trilogy, don’t you?
I think this T-blawg Pose pic is one hell of a way to close out the “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” trilogy, don’t you?


On October 25, 2010 I put up my very first “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” T-pisode. It made T-blawg “semi” famous and the site started to find its voice. On August 27, 2012 I released “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 2” and T-blawg was officially “made” as an entertainment website allowing me to tell my stories, share my opinions and put on for Boston every Monday. While I know T-blawg is more than just a list of beautiful, talented, intelligent and sexy women with ties to Boston, I wanted to honor the “Boston’s Hottest List” and came back to it one more time by closing it out with a part 3.

The three components to make this list still stand from the original and the sequel. They are: The Boston connection; Their hotness factor; and what they’re most known for. And once again, I included links for proof! So here are the 12 women that made “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 3.” Trilogy complete!


Bianca de la Garza

Boston connection: I started watching Bianca on the local news and now she has her own late night talk show properly titled “Bianca” on Saturday nights and I’m thankful I no longer have to watch a terrible “Saturday Night Live” because of her!
Hotness: She is insanely beautiful and one of the classiest moms on TV and social media.
Known For: The news; Her TV show; Social Media


Katie Nolan

Boston connection: Katie is a homegrown Boston girl and Boston sports fan who has never worn a damn pink hat.
Hotness: I’m a sucker for my Boston girls. I’m a sucker for brunettes. I’m a sucker for women who actually know sports. Katie Nolan is all three and is insanely cute. I’d give her half my T-blawg fortune and half of all my sports tickets. Yeah I would.
Known For: Being a Boston sports fan; Social Media; Her own sports show “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan”


Jenny Johnson

Boston connection: Jenny is from Worcester, went to UNH and came up in Boston through hosting and producing food related shows.
Hotness: She looks like a damn model with a million dollar smile. Throw in her love for food and she’s every guy’s dream woman.
Known For: Being one half the hosting pair of “Dining Playbook;” NESN


Sabina Gadecki 

Boston connection: Sabina is a Mass girl who went from local model to Hollywood actress.
Hotness: Like I said, Sabina is a model and an actress! She also stole every scene in last Summer’s “Entourage” movie that she was in because she was so damn hot to look at. She’s also into boxing. I’m into boxing. Sabina, hit me up yo.
Known For: The “Entourage” movie


Jessica Lowndes 

Boston connection: Jessica is not a Boston girl. She is a Canadian. But she is a Red Sox fan and is friends with my buddy and “Boston’s Hottest” alum Ashley Daniels so she made this list!
Hotness: Look, we all know I love the dark hair, light eye, fit types and Jessica is all three. Plus her Instagram selfies are the reason selfies were invented when you are that friggin’ beautiful.
Known For: “Beverly Hills 90210” reboot show; Instagram


Amarie Ortiz 

Boston connection: Amarie is a local model and has a huge following on social media. She can be spotted at all the newest Boston hot spots.
Hotness: Even though Amarie is insanely sexy, she also is a sweetheart and that makes her that much hotter. She and I can easily chat about corny things like “Saved By The Bell” on Twitter while still keeping it real yo. That’s a great quality to have ladies.
Known For: Modeling; Boston hot spots; Social Media


Kati Salowsky 

Boston connection: Kati is a Boston girl turned Hollywood actress.
Hotness: There are a lot of Boston girls who head out west with a hope and a dream but Kati is one of the sweetest ones to make the jump and you can’t help but root for her. Plus she has a smile and a look in her eye that is meant for the big screen. Watch “Ted 2” if you don’t believe me. Her smile steals the scene from Flash Gordon.
Known For: “Ted 2”


Kim Khazei 

Boston connection: Longtime Boston news anchor.
Hotness: We all know that I tend to go “younger” when it comes to women but Kim is definitely one of the sexiest “older” news women to ever get into the news game. She is sexy as hell and knows how to dress for the news if you know what I’m saying.
Known For: The news


Amanda Soucy 

Boston connection: Local model and New England Patriots cheerleader
Hotness: I love all things New England Patriots. You know this. I love all women with dark hair and light eyes. You know this. So obviously I cheer my ass off from my front row end zone season ticket seat in Gillette every time my Pats score a touchdown AND every time Amanda shakes her pom poms in front of me. She is the hottest Pats cheerleader in Pats cheerleading history.
Known For: Being a Patriots cheerleader; Instagram


Jenny (Chocolate and Lace) 

Boston connection: Jenny is a blogger with ties to Boston, New York and Connecticut.
Hotness: I don’t know too much about Jenny except that I’m a fan of her Instagram and her blog because she is talented, hot and loves food. She is also a mom. Put all that stuff together and you have #wouldwife material yo.
Known For: Her blog; Instagram


Valerie Cogswell 

Boston connection: Boston chef.
Hotness: I stumbled about Valerie on Instagram one day and started following her because she was a local hottie who cooked! She is starting to be featured all over the place and deserves her success.
Known For: Being a chef; Instagram


Karyn Polewaczyk

Boston connection: Local writer.
Hotness: I came across Karyn’s dating adventures on Boston.com a few years back. Then I found her blog. Then I saw what she looked like. If there is a female version of me out there, Karyn would be it. But she is way more talented. Looks, talent and passion from a Boston girl able to put her life and thoughts out there? I’m sold.
Known For: Boston.com; Social Media


So that completes the “Boston’s Hottest Trilogy” on T-blawg! 44 amazing women with ties to Boston have now been named over the last 6 years. So go show these ladies some love and let them know ol’ T sent you. Because I’m not sure if I have a “BH4” in me people!!!


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