T-pisode 293: The 7 Karma Gods of Man

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The start of my 2016 has inspired this T-pisode. Karma at it’s finest.
The start of my 2016 has inspired this T-pisode. Karma at it’s finest.



I believe in karma. I have written about it for years. Do good, you’ll get good. Do wrong and it’ll come back around to get you. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day, in one shape or form, it’ll come get you. And in my time I have come across karma many times. So much so that I started to believe in the karma gods. And according to my “Good Will Hunting” genius level math, there are 7 of them every man will experience in his life. On several occasions.


The Dating Karma God
I’ll start with her. SHE is powerful. She is generous. She is vindictive. Whether you are casually dating someone, in a relationship with someone or just hooking up with someone, treat that person well. From the start until the very end. Be honest. Be kind. When it ends, end it with class. Always communicate and always be giving. Because if you are not, you will pay for it in one of your relationships down the road. She will break your heart. But she can also make you feel like you have one too. If you treat each relationship right.

The Money Karma God
Respect HIM and respect money. This god will giveth and he will taketh away from you. Work for your money. EARN it. Do not play with it. Do not gamble it. Be generous with it. Spoil everyone you love with it. And the money karma god will make sure that you know money isn’t everything but it’s sure great to have. Hopefully as a man HE will let you know what it’s like to be both broke and then rich in your lifetime. Karma at it’s best right there.

The Sports Karma God
Possibly the most fickle and cyclical karma god known to man. Oh yes HE is. Cheer your teams. Cheer your sports heroes. Be loyal to them when they are up and even more so when they are down. You have every earned right to cheer them and to boo them as long as you stay true to them. But if you are a sore loser or even worse, a sore winner, HE will smite you and your team. Your team(s) may lose the big one by one play. They may lose for decades. Your hero may fall to scandal or injury. And whatever you do, never talk trash if an enemy’s team loses by the hand of a team that is not YOUR team. This angers the sports karma god and you NEVER want to anger him.

The Karma God of the Friend
Just like you are loyal to your teams, a team full of strangers to you to be exact, be even more loyal to your friends. Do not be a friend when it is only convenient for you. When it is only on your terms. When it is only on your schedule. Celebrate your friends’ successes. Pick them up when they have fallen. And the karma god of the friend will bless you with friendships of a lifetime. The length of the friendship is not important. The friend is. Never forget that and always treat your friends right. This karma god is one of the most important of the karma gods.

The Karma God of Family
The only karma god more important to a man than the karma god of the friend is the karma god of family. Always treat your family better than you treat yourself. Do wrong to a family member and that karma will never stop coming back to collect. I have seen this first hand time and time again. And it has always made me do right by family even to the ones who have done me wrong. Sometimes though you have to pay for the bad karma caused by other family members. This is the only karma god to never smite me directly because I learned to respect HIM at a very young age. Indirectly, he has gotten to me. So spread the word to your family fellas and teach them to do right to each other.

The Career Karma God
I have always taken my career seriously but earlier on in my career I allowed myself to make some foolish decisions and unfortunate mistakes that came back around to cost me jobs. Cost me money. Cost me peace of mind. When I worked harder than anyone else in the room, I elevated my career. I achieved success, recognition, money and unmatched experience. Every man needs to have a high level of respect and understanding of the career karma god. No positive meme or motivational quote will help you if you don’t. That I promise you. Take your career seriously. Work harder than you could ever imagine. Then thank the career karma god for all of his blessings. Blessings earned my friends.

The Health Karma God
Treat your mind, body and soul like one amazing and personal temple. Because if you don’t the health karma god will turn on you. Oh yes SHE will. The hangovers and lack of sleep that were not even on your radar in your 20s will be very painful in your 30s if you do not respect the aging process. And the aging process is directly tied to your health because of her! Eat clean. Sleep. Work out. Run. Drink water. All the water! Do not anger the health karma god. SHE will KILL you.


There they are. The 7 karma gods of man. Documented. Finally.



Until next time. Always take it there.