T-pisode 311: Not Your Cup Of Tea…Pun Intended

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Sometimes you can’t even see the storm coming. All you can do is batten down the hatches when it hits and pray you come out the other side heading in the right direction.
Sometimes you can’t even see the storm coming. All you can do is batten down the hatches when it hits and pray you come out the other side heading in the right direction.


I’m not giving any advice in this one. Not doing a list here either. No self-imposed rules or life philosophies this week. Not posting about my latest trip to London quite yet. And DEFINITELY not doing my 100th take on dating this Monday after last week that’s for damn sure. No lists! You won’t even see anything about Boston either. Nah ah, sorry. This one is about the man himself. The guy in the title. The one man show you all love to read about. This one is about T. This is about me. The guy you love to hate or the guy you hate to love. Das me. And I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone’s sensibilities get offended on this Monday. So continue at your own risk.

Something I learned about myself writing here and pouring my fucking heart out every week… It really doesn’t matter what your story is or stories are. Sometimes no one wants to hear about how the underdog made it. How one man went from rags to riches. It doesn’t even matter how funny people find you. How entertaining. Your pains, your losses, your wins, your gains…people forget about them sometimes. Charming qualities and education will only go so far too. From bro to gentleman and from the streets to high-rise offices lose it’s appeal. Because all of that isn’t shit if you’re just not someone’s cup of tea. Seriously. Everybody ain’t for everybody. I’m certainly not. You will like me today and you WILL hate me tomorrow. You can laugh at something I write now and then be offended by something else I write next. Why? Because you already have your mind made up about me depending on the latest truth or opinion I shared with you. There’s no need to deflect here. No need to act like I did something different. My life is an open book. I just lift the hat lid high enough for you to get a peek at the man now and then. You come here or you come into my life and you take the good with the bad. Or else you can fucking go. This is T-blawg. I run this place like I run my life. My way. Shit isn’t always going to be emojis and jokes. Shit isn’t always going to be expensive dinners and trips around the world. I have an edge. I come from shit. I made it to the top but I still have flaws. You read them. You embrace them. Or you walk the fuck out the door. I am who I am and at my age I’ve accepted everything good and everything bad that come with being me. You don’t have to. I get it. I really do. But if you want to stay you most certainly are welcome. Just know THAT cup of fucking tea may go cold every once in a while if you let it sit out too long by not drinking it. So sit down. Stay a while. And let’s chat over some hot fucking tea. Get it?

Otherwise, please don’t do the fucking hat pose today and then hate me because of my words here tomorrow. I don’t work that way. You know what this is. You know who I am now. T-blawg is an engine that I built from scratch and sometimes I just start the fucking car and go. Like I do every morning when I get out of bed. Full throttle. I go hard. I go fast. Sometimes I run shit over. I do. I make life look easy because I work very hard at it. You all don’t see that unless I choose to show you. Trust me, it isn’t easy being me. Yes I’ve gotten better at life, but I’m only human and I’m still flawed as fuck. We all are. And maybe, just maybe, you’re just not MY cup of tea either. Maybe you never were. That’s how life goes sometimes. But I’ll take the time out of my busy life to drink that tea while it’s still hot to find out first. That’s for damn sure. That’s me.


Until next time. Always take it there.