T-pisode 310: Social Media “Just Not Into You” Signs

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Having clarity instead of sending mixed signals and not letting the person you’re dating misinterpret things is….wait for itttttt…paramount. Damn, I’m getting good at this!
Having clarity instead of sending mixed signals and not letting the person you’re dating misinterpret things is….wait for itttttt…paramount. Damn, I’m getting good at this!


I wanted to get back to my lists and I’m thinking this is going to end up being another T-blawg classic list! Why? Because it is needed. It is honest. It is going to do what my lists usually do…clear some shit up. Basically. Social media can make or break some people, some relationships, let’s be honest. Certain things seen and said or not seen and not said can be misinterpreted or taken exactly how someone wants you take them because they don’t want to be direct with you. Either way, it sucks. So I made a list to clarify some things. When you’re done with this list three things will happen to you people still in the dating game. One…you will start being more honest. Two…you’re going to realize how and why these things below can be taken the wrong way. Three…you’re going to want to start putting on your adult pants and stop letting social media do your dirty dating work for you. Ready? Ok…



Doesn’t like your pics publicly…This right here makes the person you’re dating think that you don’t want others finding out about them. Or find out that you’re dating them. Looks like you’re hiding something(s) and you are coming off shady. People that date like each other’s stuff and let it be known. Das it.


Doesn’t text first or say much…This isn’t really social media but we cycle through our texts along with our social media apps. Sure we do. We all have our apps and texting order that we go through during the day. But adults text and talk to each other. They don’t wait for the other person to “go first” or keep count on who said more or less or texted last. Kids do that.


Snaps everyone and their mother but you…If she or he puts everyone in their Snap story but never you? Then they’re seeing other people. Even if they say they’re not. Otherwise, you would be in their story without anything for them to hide. TRUST me.


Unfollows an ex but still likes their pics…Why? If nothing was going on with this person then they would still be following them. If they are not following them but still take the time to check out their page and like their stuff, there is still something going on there.


Doesn’t respond to your comments publicly…When they take this “offline” to respond to a comment to you instead of doing it publicly for the world to see then this means they still want to appear single. Sure does!


Snaps, Grams, Tweets, Facebooks before texting you…When a conversation stops the night before then the first communication that you see from them the next day should be a text before you see them doing anything else. If they post on social media before texting you back then you are absolutely not a priority to them.


Doesn’t send “risqué” snaps…Not saying everyone has to send nudes but if you’re not sending anything sexy to each other and not getting busy when you do finally see each other, then something is off. WAY off.


Never puts up a relationship status…This speaks for itself. It sends the clearest message and really can’t be misinterpreted. Either put up your real status or no status at all. But keeping single up there when you’ve been dating someone for a while makes you look like a douche.


Posts all the nice things you do for them/give them but never acknowledges that it’s you providing these things…Also speaks for itself. When someone cares about you then they will let it be known it’s you doing all these things that make them smile. Period.


Ex blatantly posts memes/quotes about them and they “like” them…WHY do you still care or even acknowledge this person and their games? Dumb.


Constantly goes through the “friending/unfriending” with someone…This means that other person probably knows about you but they still want attention from them so you’ll see this happening until that person either ends it with you or finally ends it with them. It’s also dumb. LOLz.


Responds to an ex/side piece’s meme/quote with one of their own…Meme battles, never a good look yo. WE see when you do it though. Oh yes we do. We just don’t speak on it, but now some of you will. You’re welcome.


Never talks on the phone. Ever…None of us are big phone talkers in 2016 but if you don’t want to hear someone’s voice or FaceTime them every once in a while, then you’re heartless af.


Likes way too many guys selfies…No need for this. And “like for like” is something middle school kids do. Seriously.


Meets someone when out and immediately starts following them on all their social media shit…This means they are interested in this person. Without a doubt. When people meet for the first time and bust out their phones to exchange numbers and all social media info? There’s something happening.


The only time you get a sexy pic is when she clearly sent it to several other guys…WE CAN TELL WHEN YOU DO THIS.


Goes out of their way to appear “single” on social media when out with friends…First it’s annoying when you share every single second of your night out. Second, looks like you’re doing it to either appear extra cool & single or that you’re rubbing it in the face of the person you’re dating who isn’t with you at that moment. Either way, not a good look. Just so you know.


Draws stupid stick figures or uses emojis in the “lonely” selfie with them and calls them “bae” because bae doesn’t “exist”…The person you’re dating may not be your bae but it is hella disrespectful to them when you do this corny shit. Just saying.


Their social media posts match up to the social media posts of someone you know they’re seeing on the side but neither of them puts each other into the pics/posts/check ins/stories…SHADY. JUST SHADY. And so obvious. Have some more class than that.


Posts way too many selfies because still craves the attention of more than one guy…If you’re over the age of 30, you shouldn’t need the validation of strangers on how your face is still holding up honey. Confidence is sexy. Thirst and insecurity are not. YOU should know you’re beautiful and HE knows you’re beautiful, why do you need more than that?


Is constantly on Facebook Messenger late hours…Never a good look. You sure as hell ain’t talking to your grandma honey. And you text friends. SO, who dis???


Still on social media well after you got the “Going to sleep, goodnight” text…This girl/guy is just not that into you and is still entertaining others my friend.


Her closest friends add the “same guy” she added recently on social media…This means her friends met him and like him and she is definitely seeing someone else besides you homie.


Keeps her phone face down all the time…And the number one answer is?! LOLzzzz.


So, see what I mean? Either you’re doing the above on purpose or don’t realize how the social media things you’re doing are being interpreted by the other person. Either way, cut the shit. Smarten up. Or just end it already. Social media should be taken with a grain of salt but if it is a big part of how you’re dating someone then you have every right to get your respect if you’re giving it. No need to stalk or get upset, just address it and move on people. And once again, thank ol’ T later!


Until next time. Always take it there.