T-pisode 328: The Block

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This is close to the scene of the crime where I put “The Block” into actual play just this past summer.
This is close to the scene of the crime where I put “The Block” into actual play just this past summer.


We now live in a world where you can almost totally “block” someone out of your life. We all have the ability to “unfriend” or “unfollow” then “block” someone on all forms of social media. Our phones now come with the ability to “block” someone’s phone number so you never ever have to receive another text or phone call from them ever again. It gives you the friggin’ ability of having to never hear their voice or having to read their silly written words again for the rest of your life! And if you find a way to go out of well…your way, you “physically” do not have to see them ever again. Damn, son. Damn.

So why do we do it? Why do we “block” in this day and age? Mostly it’s because some people just suck. LOLz. Some people just annoy the hell out of you on social media and in real life and now that you have the option to get them out of your life you know damn well you’re pulling that block trigger. But let’s not bullshit who it’s really for…the exes. No doubt. And everyone that your ex knows. Wait, is that just me??? Whatever. Social media and phone blocking brings out the pettiness in all of us. You have the option to be petty not just block. Who are we shitting? Grown ass adults acting like children in grade school basically saying “I don’t like you anymore” like a second-grader would say to another second-grader at recess. Petty? Yes. Silly? Fo’ sho. But when you’re done with someone, you’re done with them. In all ways, shapes and forms in 2016. Sometimes you don’t even want to acknowledge them in person. Like I did this past summer. Boston is a very small city for someone like me. I made the city my own private playground and every once in a while someone I used to play with ends up on the swings looking for a push. I’ll always be a gentleman for sure but if I have the option to not talk to someone who I blocked on social media or blocked me, I’m not saying a damn word. You get to stare at my back and I have nothing to say to you. All night long. Why? Because you got “The Block” honey and that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I wish that we didn’t block. I wish that there weren’t as many evils that sometimes outweigh the goods on social media. And I wish even as grown adults who once shared something special with other grown adults we could all go on speaking and catching up with each other without any ill will when we cross each other’s paths out in the wild. But that’s wishing. That’s not reality. And in this reality we have blocks and pettiness and unfollowings and unfriendings o’plenty. For worse more than for better.


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