T-pisode 337: More & Less Of In 2017

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No looking back from here. Only forward.
No looking back from here. Only forward.

It’s the holidays and 2016 is coming to an end while 2017 is about to begin. I’m closing the book on this year and everyone and everything that did not add to my health, happiness and success this past year. I’m reaching a milestone birthday in 2017 and I only need positivity and healthy support going forward. My advice to myself and to all of you is this… In 2017 do less of the things that didn’t work. Do less worrying. Spend less to no time with the people who did nothing for you except make you stressed or unhappy. Stay away from people who tend to just stay still and try to deflect that same approach on to you because they don’t want you to move forward in life. And do more of everything that makes you happy, healthy and successful. It’s simple really.

In 2017, the book will be finished. My career will continue to flourish. My health in the mental, physical and emotional aspects of my mind, body & soul will continue to be a priority. I’ll only focus on my strong existing relationships and look forward to exciting possible new ones. I plan to be even more focused on myself and on those that make me happy. I’m looking forward to starting my fourth decade of straight fucking dominance and I’m not looking back. Nah son! Year 7 of T-blawg has been written. On to Year 8…

Happy holidays! All the best in 2017!!!



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