T-pisode 339: T’s Keys To Success

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I got the geese! Geese! Geese! I got the geese! Geese! Geese! Get it??? LOLzzzzz.
I got the geese! Geese! Geese! I got the geese! Geese! Geese! Get it??? LOLzzzzz.


I have written about success on here a lot over the years. My story has been written from the angle of what it has taken to get me where I am today and the need to keep pushing further. T-blawg is a digital recording of my life and blueprint for those who need help making plans of their own. On this Monday night I am sharing what I think are the keys to success and can be applied to any aspect in life.


Never waver
Never. Once you know what you want in life… Once you know what you need in life… Once you know who you are and who you want to become… Never waver. Stick to your guns no matter what. People will question you. People will doubt you. People will never understand where you come from or where you’re going. And they don’t have to. Only you do. Never waver.


Believe in yourself and all that you are…
Know that you can overcome any and all obstacles. Know that you can fall flat on your face. Know that it is ok to doubt yourself. As long as you get back up. You have to believe that nothing can stop you. Don’t ever let that belief die.


Be not afraid of greatness…
The key to being great is knowing that you are great. That is a confident statement not a cocky statement. Wanting to be great and wanting greatness in life is nothing to feel guilty about. There is a lot of average and a lot of content people in this world. I’m telling you it is ok to want greatness. Be great. Do great things. Achieve your greatness in whatever that may be!


Know how to deal with rejection
Life is full of rejection. People will reject you. The world will reject you. I have saved every rejection letter from Hollywood. I remember every rejection in my life. And I use it all here. I use it all to keep me going. I turn rejection into motivation and THAT is one of the biggest keys to success.


Be ready for loneliness
Success is a lonely road. It is. The long hours. The late nights. The climb up the mountain. It’s one lonely road. Writing is a very lonely process. I like to work out alone. I’m constantly lost with my thoughts and emotions alone. But that is the price to pay for success. Sure you are around people who love and support you and no it’s not healthy to always be alone. Enjoy company but the most successful people will tell you success is achieved by you and only you. Believe it.


You will NEVER sleep
“I ain’t been asleep since 96” says Jay-Z in the song below. This is true. Like most successful people I try to get my solid 8 in every night but it NEVER happens. Successful people don’t have enough hours in the day to do what they need to get done. To do lists and organization are also keys but successful people keep moving. Because they are always doing something and always have the need to do more. My body may want to rest in bed at night but my mind has a difficult time getting to sleep. If you want to be successful say goodbye to sleep.


YOU define yourself, no one else
Unsuccessful people will do everything they can to project their own failures, insecurities, shortcomings and ideas of what normal and successful are on to you. They have a picture in their heads of how it should be and will do everything they can to paint you into that picture. Successful people don’t let other people define them. They turn off all that noise and define themselves.


Respect money
If you want to be successful then you have to respect money and to respect money you have to understand money. How to make it. How to invest it. How to grow it. How to spend it. And know when to talk about it and whom to trust when you talk about it. Understand about debt to income ratio. Know the difference between good debt and bad debt. A major key to success is having respect for money.


Accept that people close to you WILL secretly hate on you
This a damn fact. There is that saying “Pay close attention to those who don’t clap when you win.” Big or small, a friend is happy for you when you make a victory. Once you start hitting victory after victory you will start to see your circle diminish. And that’s ok. Let them go. Successful people surround themselves with a good support system. You build each other up. You cheer each other on. That’s how success works.


Your mind, body & soul have to be fit and on the same page
If your mind, body and soul aren’t clicking then you will NEVER be successful. Eat clean. Work out dirty. Feed your soul. Nourish your mind. Keep yourself healthy and happy no matter how busy you get. No matter how hard you have to work. When one of the three isn’t on the same success page as the others then you will fall off the road to success. Trust me on this. Take care of yourself because no one else will. Not when it comes to being successful.




Until next time. Always take it there.