T-pisode 340: No Lie

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Imagine being so honest in a world that is so ass backwards at times. That’s me. That’s T.
Imagine being so honest in a world that is so ass backwards at times. That’s me. That’s T.


I don’t know how many lies I told my first eleven years on this planet but I know I was just 11 years old when I promised myself that I would never lie again. Not to anyone. Not to myself. That was the age when my father first made up a story about why he had to borrow money from me. Yes, a grown man had to lie to his only son to borrow money to gamble. It was the first time he asked me to borrow money with a lie but certainly would not be the last time. That’s when I knew I would never tell a lie. No matter what.

You would think going through life without lying and being as true to your word as possible would make things slightly easier for yourself than the lives of those who lied. Not true. And that’s no lie. See what I did there? Being “too” honest has a down side. Sometimes when you are so honest some people think that everything you say is a lie. It’s like they think “No way this guy is this honest. He has to be lying.” I notice this in two major areas in my life. The workplace and dating. At work people love to say things that they think others want to hear. Especially those who have a direct impact on their careers and those who can elevate their careers. I’m the exact opposite. While some people I have come across in my career consider me to be genuine because of my honesty, others have downright despised me because I spoke my mind. And when it comes to dating you’d be surprised to find out how many women who have been lied to by so many guys in their lives and honestly believe every new guy is also a liar. That every guy has a hidden agenda. Every compliment, every nice date, every gift, every time you look in their eyes and tell them how you honestly feel about them is a lie to them. It’s both crazy and disheartening. The majority of my friends and family however love and respect me for being so truthful. For saying the things they don’t want to hear but knowing that they still have to hear it. Sometimes though, even they get pissed at me for being so honest. But that’s me.

George Washington once said “I cannot tell a lie.” Tony Montana said “I always tell the truth…even when I lie.” And Jay-Z said “Numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard.” I can’t stand liars. I can’t tell a lie to impress a woman. And I certainly won’t ever lie to someone to get something from them that I didn’t earn honestly. That’s me. I sometimes joke with people who don’t know my nickname and see that big “T” tatted on my shoulder for the first time and ask what it stands for. I simply reply… “Truth.”


Until next time. Always take it there.