T-pisode 344: Corporate Life

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This isn’t my office building. But I thought it looked like a cool building to work in when I took the pic. I was also drunk when I took the pic so there’s that…


I have written about Corporate America a lot over the last 7+ years. Mostly about how someone from a background like mine and from humbled beginnings can make his way through the collegiate system, into a major metropolitan city and climb the corporate ladder from entry-level all the way up to six figure management positions. Mind you, while juggling everything outside of that 9 to 5 world. Well sometimes it’s 7 to 7 but that’s corporate life. Having work/life balance with room to pursue your passions and making sure you have a shit ton of fun while you do it. At least that’s how I do it. I do it T’s way. Like everything else I do.

In corporate life you will come across many different personalities. People who think they know it all. People who know absolutely nothing. People who feel entitled. People who think just doing enough not to get fired is how everyone should work. People who coast. People who go their entire careers under the radar. People who come into the office looking for a fight at every corner. All in all, corporate life is mostly full of people who you don’t have to be friends with but you damn sure better learn how to work with to get the job done. Why? Because we spend more time with those people at work than with anyone else in our lives. We sure do. Early on in my career I had an attitude. My childhood mentality stayed with me all through college and into my early years in corporate life. I was young. I was stupid. I had a chip on my shoulder. I didn’t know anything at all. But I busted my ass. Like every other part of my life, I put the work in. I always put the work in. I developed a reputation that I was a hard worker. I could be relied on. I was dependable. Then I created opportunities on high level projects and with high level employees and started to really grow and expand my career in corporate life.

In the next few T-pisodes I will go a little more in-depth of what it takes to be successful in corporate life. Without getting shit on. Without kissing ass. I will show you how I bring Grown Men Shit to corporate life my way. And one thing I need to make clear…I am by no means content with my current place in corporate life. I’ll never be content. If you don’t have the hunger to grow every day…every week…every month…every year then you should stay out of corporate life. There’s no shame in that. It isn’t for everyone. The world needs teachers, bartenders and strippers too. LOLz. But only the hungry excel in corporate life. And I’m never full.


Until next time. Always take it there.