T-pisode 345: Overrated or Underpaid?

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A lot of people…Bostonians included…take pics of this statue. Some think its Paul Revere. Those people are stupid because it clearly says George Washington on the damn thing. Some people also think this is one of the most overrated “things” to take a pic of in Boston. Well…here’s MY pic of this overrated thing that is definitely not Paul Revere. LOLz.


There is a Jay-Z lyric that proposes the question of “But would you rather be underpaid or overrated?” I like money. A lot. I also like being recognized for what I bring to the table. But I’ve always made money and no one has ever called me overrated. I’ve written about my respect for money several times over the years because I didn’t have any as a kid and busted my ass to make it. But don’t get it twisted. I make good money and spoil a lot of people with it before I even treat myself. And Corporate America tends to have a lot of people who are either overrated or underpaid. Allow me to elaborate…

I’ve watched a lot of overrated motherfuckers work the Corporate America system a lot better than the best street hustlers I grew up with in East Boston. They are politicians. Bullshitters. They spend more time working the office floor than at their desk doing real work. I call these fools the overrated. The underpaid are those who no matter how hard they work…no matter how many projects they get done daily, weekly & annually…and no matter how many hours they put in beyond the typical 9 to 5…they will always be underpaid. Now don’t get me wrong. Some of the underpaid are still paid really well but the amount of work and time they put in to better their company, to better their personal brand at the office will never have the proper dollar value attached to it. No way. That’s not how Corporate America works people. Because just like in elementary school when you knew damn well that your teacher had her favorite students, so don’t the high high high ups in Corporate America. They baby the overrated. They damn well fucking enable them. So what do you do? You bust your ass. You get visibility with the right people. You stay honest. You let sons of bitches know you are invaluable and damn near irreplaceable. I mean everyone is replaceable. Everyone. But you have to make sure that it would cost any company and boss a lot if they ever had to replace you. So your goal is basically to be both underrated and overpaid right? WRONG!!! I just pulled a douchebag Trump there. LOLzzzz.

Just go to work everyday for a company culture you enjoy and for a boss you respect and with co-workers you can tolerate. Then establish yourself over the course of 5 years and make sure you are in the six figure range by your mid-30s and actually get pleasure out of the work you’re doing and out of all your accomplishments both big and small. Break away from those overrated assholes and make sure you are never underpaid. A valuable person with integrity and great character with a solid work ethic will always be appreciated. And remember…the cream always rises to the fucking top!


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