T-pisode 347: The Step-Up

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This is my Fenway neighborhood in Boston. I have watched this neighborhood both literally & figuratively “step-up” in all forms over the last 7 years. This “hood” has gone from “ballpark college town” to one of the hottest & trendiest places to live in all of Boston and I love it.


I don’t know how many cool ass catchphrases I have given to the world during T-blawg’s lifespan but I know it’s a lot! Today I’m adding another one to the common vernacular from my mouth…uhhh fingers…to your ears…uhhh eyes. LOLzzz. Today I’m introducing what I like to call “The Step-Up.” The Step-Up is simply that…when you step the hell up in your life. That’s right. Whatever it is you do…whoever it is you are…wherever it is you like to be…it’s when you go up another ladder rung. Up another level. Up another step in not just life but in YOUR life. It’s The Step-Up folks!

I have recently raised myself at work and in my life really. I moved up into another place and I have taken on a shit ton more responsibilities. Sure I love the challenge(s). I could do without all the red tape and bullshit that came along with it on what seems to be on a daily basis but don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this next step. I have recently stepped up when it comes to my writing as well. By hook or by crook, whichever draft I am on come my 40th birthday this summer I am going to publish my book. And my way of life? Well that’s been kind of documented here the last few weeks and months and years. You have read about all my worldly travel adventures jumping around from country to country. Cigar to bottle of wine. Woman to woman. Front-row Patriots season ticket to Boston Garden suite ticket. New car to new car. Wardrobe upgrade after wardrobe upgrade. And so on and so on. That’s the kind of Step-Up that pissed a lot of people off whether they admitted it to my face or keep on smiling when they see me. Why? Because they are still at the bottom of their own life staircase and I have no control over that baby. Das on you. I’m over here. Actually, up here. Why? BECAUSE T DONE STEPPED THE FUCK UP YO!!! Sometimes even when you’re doing well for yourself you hit a wall. I know. I’ve hit walls several times in my life. But you have to find a way to bust through the wall. See that big picture you used to see. Find the reason you used to jump out of bed again. Whether it is a health reason, materialistic reason, monetary reason or even just to spite people who think they have seen all you got…find your STEP-UP!

I hope you enjoyed these last few T-pisodes about professional and personal motivation. I want to get better at giving advice and inspiration. I want T-blawg to become a positive and cool place where my life is shared to not only entertain like it always has here, but to also empower people who weren’t dealt the best hand in life and just need to know how to play their cards better. The next 5 T-pisodes will be a cool series about a man’s life on what he goes through from birth and childhood through his 30s from my perspective of course. Hope you all get something out of them!


Until next time. Always take it there.