T-pisode 348: A Man’s Life – Childhood

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Everything is so new, colorful and fun when you’re a little boy first discovering the world on your own.


The next 5 T-pisodes will be a series. I’ve been doing a lot of series lately in this latest stage of T-blawg. This series will be about a man’s life from birth through his 30s. And if you couldn’t tell, that’s where I currently am in my life. This will be different. I’m not going to write about what I specifically went through during those years but more about the commonalities that all men share through those periods in their lives. The goal of this series is to share a little bit about what shapes a man in his life and what truly makes him a man as he approaches the end of his fourth decade in his life.

At birth a little baby boy is basically a potato that eats, sleeps and shits. Basically. You’ll see in those early years a little bit of the attitude that is going to stay with him in his life. What makes him calm…food…boobs..toys. What pisses him off…not getting food…boobs…toys. Once we’re on our feet and mobile, we move. Little boy toddlers DO NOT stay still. We run around. Get into shit. We’re curious. As we hit the single number years we become even more inquisitive. We’ll ask a ton of questions but also we just really want to do things for ourselves. No! I can tie my own shoes! No! I can pour my own milk! Boys…men…we’re independent. We also make quick decisions like…I want to play baseball. Then after we experience our first ground ball bounce to the face, we either stay in the game or find another sport! Little boys also love going on adventures. We are little discoverers! Whether in our own backyards, on our bikes, in our bedrooms or in our own little heads. That’s why we refuse to ask for directions later in life! We’ll figure it out! It’s what we do, ladies!!! As little boys we love making forts and jumping from pillow to pillow so we don’t fall into the lava! There is nothing sweeter than the innocence of a little boy’s imagination. When we first discover the world and start to see people as superheroes or villains or monsters, this is when our imaginations and reality collide. This moment may suck when we’re little but it is a very important coming of age moment. Once we learn the difference between good and bad and right and wrong and real and make-believe and truths and lies, it not only helps shape the teenage boy we will become next but it helps shape the grown man we will become one day soon.

A boy’s childhood is full of innocence, adventure, discovery and fun. It is the foundation period. A strong support system from parents, a best friend, school and a new world that is begging to be seen from a bicycle seat flying down a hill your mother told you never to ride your bike down is all a little boy really needs. He’ll figure out the rest. And then when he hits puberty and those teenage years, he’ll let you know exactly how much he thinks he knows! Next Monday…A Man’s Life – Teens.


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  1. Nice post and a wonderfully written blog you have here! I’ve been following you on Instagram and enjoying your lovely pictures of Boston. The last post pointed me over to your series, so I decided to stop by!


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