T-pisode 346: Staying Cool

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A lot of people love running through this fountain in Boston to stay cool in the summer. It’s crazy. It’s one thing for kids to do it but I have seen a lot of adults run through it fully clothed. I have also seen several people shower in it using soap & shampoo too. I will never get THOSE images out of my head.


One of the greatest things I have learned to do over the last few years is knowing how to stay cool. Yeah man. A hot-headed, testosterone packed, Italian dude from an original Boston neighborhood losing his cool in his 30s is not a good look. It is not a good anything actually. Not for me. Not for the person I lose my shit on. Not for the people anywhere in a 50 foot radius of me. Not for the property that could get damaged. And not for the dent it would put in my pocket if I have to go to court! LOLz.

At some point you need to learn how to stay cool, fellas. There isn’t anything worth losing your shit over when you have a lot to lose. I’m not talking about losing the argument or fight. I’m talking about your reputation as a man and as a leader in your workplace. The saying “Be the bigger person” carries more weight the older you get and the higher you become in the Corporate America food chain. Pun intended. If you find yourself getting heated over something whether it is big or small, take a second. Breathe. End the meeting if you have to. Find an office or conference room to calm down. Or get out of the damn office altogether. Collect yourself, then get back once you have chilled. WOOSAHHHH. Then you will be proud of yourself for solving the problem or confrontation with a leveled head and your reputation will still be intact. I have been told that I am “passionate” or “hot-headed” or even “angry” far too many times both in my personal life and in my professional life. Shit, I have even been called crazy. Over the last 10 years or so I really started to take that to heart. That isn’t the perception I wanted any longer. I didn’t want people to describe me by any of those words. I started to breathe. To listen. To walk away. I matured in both my personal life and professional life. People started to see me differently. Those old ways got me respect as a punk kid growing up but they sure as hell hurt me as a grown man. So I learned to stay cool and if you have that same problem I once had, then please take my advice here today. Stay cool, brother. Stay cool.

There hasn’t been a situation in recent memory where I totally lost my shit. Which is good! I’m extremely proud to write that. If you go back and read some things here like oh lets say “Greatest Moments of My Asshole Era” then you will know I have come a long way. That’s growth fellas. That’s what we should all try to do everyday. Grow into better men. So the next time you find yourself getting heated, try to stay cool. If I can do it, you sure can too!


Until next time. Always take it there.