T-pisode 359: Treating Bad

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T-pisode #359
Sometimes dating is a lot like the hustle & bustle of trying to get an errand or two done in the middle of a workday…rushed and painful as shit!


I’m trying a new, streamlined T-pisode approach for the next few weeks. Let’s see how this goes!


It’s been my “past” experience in the lifelong dating game that I used to tend to want to date women that didn’t want me as much as I wanted them. And I NEVER really wanted the women that really wanted me. This is true. Tough to write. But true. No one wants to admit that they’re attracted more to the bad ones than they are the good ones. But I’m admitting it. I tend to admit to mistakes more now that I’m older. Because they’re MY mistakes and I want to own them. The unattainable are exactly that. Unattainable. Not because of their physical looks. Not because of how “special” they are. They are unattainable because they are not good for you. Not right for you. They don’t know how to treat you right because they don’t want to treat you at all. So don’t treat them. Don’t acknowledge them. Avoid them in person. On the phone. Through text. On social media. With age you WILL outgrow the “treating bad” ones and you WILL find the “treating good” ones. You just have to go through a bunch of shit before you get to the good. And that shit is a lot of dating and a lot of growing up. I’m not saying you have to know exactly who and what you want, you just have to know who and what isn’t good for you. Learn from all the bad to get to the good.


Do you tend to date and get in relationships with the “bad” or do you know better? I do…now.



Until next time. Always take it there.