T-pisode 362: T’s Travel Top 40

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T-pisode #362
Said it before, I’ll say it again… Been all over this big, beautiful planet and there is NO place like home. There is no place like BOSTON.

As I turn 40…exactly 2 weeks from today…crazy, I know…I spent some time reflecting on all my travels. I can say that I have travelled all over this country and all over Europe MY way. I can say that as confidently as I have ever said anything before. And we all know how confident I am at this point, right? So, I wanted to put a “Top 40” list together of some of the things I learned by travelling MY way and hopefully you all can get something out of it. Maybe you get inspired to take a trip with friends, family, with someone you’re dating or just by yourself. Below captures how I have done all of that and then some. Enjoy!


There is no such thing as dressing like a “slob” on an airplane. Airplanes are uncomfortable so dress as comfortable as you want. Who cares what a bunch of people you will never see again think about your damn gym shorts and “FREE BRADY” t-shirt?!

Airport food is unhealthy. Airplane food sucks. Eat before you fly.

Don’t forget yo charger!

Try every single food that city, state, island or country is known for. Unless you have allergies and may end up dead.

A smile is understood in every language so smile all the time.

Find out how to say “hello” and “thank you” in every language possible. You’re welcome.

You haven’t seen a sunset until you’ve seen a Santorini sunset.

London truly is the world’s international hub and one of the greatest places in this world that you need to visit over and over and over again to really appreciate.

You can’t get a bad meal in all of Paris. Believe dat.

Rome has the best gelato in the world.

Take your parents on a trip.

Take your nieces/nephews on a trip.

Do a guys trip that you have trouble remembering for all the right reasons.

Las Vegas in July is the hottest place on the planet and people who say “But it’s only a dry heat” are the dumbest people on the planet and deserve a slap to the back of their heads.

Ouzo and Fanta…an amazing “Greek” combination.

You haven’t LIVED until you’ve lost track of time dancing with a beautiful, Catalan woman on Las Rambla in “Barthelona” and then you both somehow end up dipping your toes in the Mediterranean Sea as the sun comes up.

Florence is the most beautiful city in the world.

Seeing a Venice street of water for the first time will make you feel like a child again seeing fireworks for the very first time.

Travel with someone you’re dating to learn why you should never travel with someone you’re dating. A necessary evil. LOLz.

Have an amazing six-course meal somewhere in Italy that takes you at least 3 hours to finish.

No sea is “bluer” than the Aegean Sea.

Throw 3 coins into the Trevi Fountain if you are a hopeless romantic…even if it’s deep down inside of you…like me.

Take a selfie with your mom and niece at the Eiffel Tower.

See the Mona Lisa…twice.

Whether you’re religious or not, go to St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Notre Dame and Sagrada Familia and light a candle for someone you love and not for yourself.

If you can’t take your loved ones on vacation with you then bring back a piece of your vacation to them. Every time.

There is no place like Hollywood on a Saturday night.

Disney World is not the “Happiest Place On Earth”…it is the “Most Crowded Place On Earth.”

The d’Orsay is the greatest museum on Earth.

The Sea Life London Aquarium is the greatest aquarium on Earth.

When taking a trip to Buffalo in the winter, immediately change your mind and drive to Niagara Falls…on the Canadian side…AKA “Frozen Vegas” and go there instead and never go to Buffalo. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Yes, crepes in Paris are that…damn…good.

Turn your phone off and sleep in at least one day on your vacation…preferably with a beautiful woman who loves your jokey, witty, Boston accented, Italian wise ass, yet extremely sweet pillow talk.

You only need 24 hours in South Beach to take many years off your life.

Yes, In-N-Out Burger is that…damn…good.

Get yo’ self an international credit card instead of changing currencies. You’re welcome.

It is difficult to find the White House at night. No, it really is.

There is no such thing as being a typical, obvious American. They already know. Trust me, they know.

Just one carry-on suitcase and one carry-on bag…no lines…no check-ins…no lost luggage…no delays…make for easier, faster travelling. TRUST ME!!!

Tip everyone. Always. No exceptions anywhere.




Are you ready to travel T style now??? Bring a camera, a Sox hat and bail money! LOLz.


Until next time. Always take it there.