T-pisode 363: The Famous Nameless

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T-pisode 363
Each of the women on this list is like a delicate, beautiful, rare flower…LOLzzzz!!! No they’re not!!! Well, some are…


Next Monday I turn 40 years old and I wanted to use this T-pisode for one last list positioning myself for that big age change. Two things about T-blawg that have been constant themes here…women and no names. I wanted to put a list together of the 40 women who shaped me into the man I am today…in chronological order. I have definitely written about them on here in the past but I am still not naming any of them. Hence the title of this T-pisode because they are the “Famous Nameless” on here. My intent on this day isn’t to put them on blast. My only intent with this list was to find something positive with each of them and how it…they…left a mark on me. This is also a “Thank You” list of sorts to each of them. Sure I’ve come across hundreds of women at this point in my life but not all of them left a mark like these important 40. I’m not saying I have slept with each of them or dated each of them or have been in relationships with each of them…some I did a little of each or all but most importantly they each did something to me that meant something. I present, the last T-blawg list of my 30s. Here are the “Famous Nameless…”


You were my first kiss…my first “girlfriend”…we were 8 years old. You were also the first girl who got me into another fight with a guy because of a girl.

You were my first real crush that later in life got me into the great “Jason Giambi” fight in Fenway Park. An iconic part of my history now.

I entered high school and you were a year older and I thought you were the most beautiful creature my young, inexperienced eyes had ever seen. I heard you passed away not long ago. Far too young….

Every guy harmlessly stalked a crush a two when he was a teenager. You were THAT for me. For sure!

I got my license, my first shit box car, my first real girlfriend and lost my virginity to you…all in the summer of 94. Oh what a summer that was. You were my first GREAT one.

As crazy as it is to write this… But our first go around was in our late teens. Our second go around was recently in our late 30s. Part of me wishes we should’ve left what we had in the past. Another part of me is thankful we got together again as adults. That ending was just ridiculous. I hope your second marriage is more “legit” than your first marriage and I really want nothing but happiness for you and your kids. You should also be chronologically last on this list.

We were close in college and became even closer years later. You and your family are my “West Coast Fam” forever.

College brought us together and you will always be my homegirl.

I didn’t think I could still get crushes in college but seeing those damn big green eyes every day on campus made an Eastie thug want to go legit…and I finally did.

Unspoken feelings that will stay deep within me forever because you are the perfect woman but not MY perfect woman.

You made Las Vegas special and that weekend we had together in Boston during another Patriots Super Bowl run will stay with me for life.

My first and only retired professional NFL cheerleader many years my senior and the reason why I’ll always love Philadelphia.

I’m putting you right above “Bright Eyes” because even though she had my heart you had everything else and what we did in the bedroom will haunt me forever in a good way, you psychopath.

Bright Eyes…you are my greatest “What If?”

A crazy female friend that initiated a weird threesome that I’ll put into a script one day.

You made the list because you were the other woman in that weird threesome. LOLz.

What we did at work in the North End will haunt Hanover street forever!

I wish you didn’t get deported back home because I truly believe we either would’ve gotten married or I would’ve had a kid with you.

I don’t know why we only hooked up on the down low and never dated but I know that’s why we ended and could never start back up…plus…LA.

Friends in high school that reconnected on Facebook and had a few months of good fun. 17-year-old me was SO happy for 30-year-old me seeing that naked ass for the first time. LOLz.

To get with you I had to promise to get with your sister. This was the first “sex” deal that wasn’t a “no strings attached” sex deal I had ever made and it was fucking nuts. But you looked like an Asian Megan Fox so of course I agreed.

I only did what I did with you because your sister looked like an Asian Megan Fox!

You were a newly married nurse from Chicago who wanted to leave her husband for me and stay in Boston. We had a great 4 day Memorial Day Weekend that has given me so much material for life!

You were the youngest and hottest girl I had ever been with up until this point and I’ll always thank MySpace for that.

One of the most important women in my life that I’ll always secretly hope for more but will always be thankful for our friendship.

You will ALWAYS be my main Bullpen friend and I couldn’t be happier for you now that you found YOUR soul mate.

You were the first T-blawg groupie I “met” and Phil Kessel will always be my Eskimo Brother because of you, unfortunately. But I checked in on you recently and I’m glad you’re travelling the world!

A woman finally gave me the “it’s not you, it’s me” and I deserved it and I’m glad it was you.

I don’t know why we ended the way we did…The Fadeout…but you are still single today and may just be the female version of me and I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing?

You officially became the youngest and hottest girl I had ever been with but your brain and soul were many years older and our ending was terrible and I’m still sorry for my part. Looks like Cali is treating you a “lil” better than Boston. Good for you.

We were sorta friends…weren’t dating…yet had very strong opinions and reactions towards each other and still haven’t spoken since I wrote about the concert. All so silly.

If I stayed in LA we would be married making the greatest movies the world has ever seen. FACT.

We never should’ve went to Paris. We should’ve just enjoyed that summer. But I’m glad we went to Paris and I’m glad you’re happy.

You were beautiful and sweet but your texts annoyed the hell out of me haha.

This one is tough to write about… You are both my second and third GREAT ones because we had two go arounds. That second time you became the first woman I loved more than I loved myself and that changed things in me both good and bad. I’d be lying if I said I never thought about a third go around but I know my heart couldn’t take a third ending which would be inevitable because of how you are as a person.

You left a ding on me because you just showed up when I was partying with some close friends on my birthday and wouldn’t leave me alone weeks later. You are crazy but fun.

I swore off younger women a few years before you but you and I had a connection. You found a place in my heart and stayed there. I think you don’t talk to me now because of that same reason. I think about you often and miss you all the way over there. I’m not changing that nickname I gave you in my phone. Ever.

Two nights and three days with you in Barcelona made me believe in movie style romance again, honey.

You ARE Santorini to me.


The Famous Nameless.



Until next time. Always take it there.


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  1. What about the one who said “this could of been your baby”, did she not make this list?


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