T-pisode 367: Aging Healthy

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T-pisode 367
Your age goes up and your health declines. That’s just the way it is. It’s science, people.


I work out. I eat clean. I eat prepped meals. I take supplements. I have one cheat day a week. I don’t do drugs. I hardly drink alcohol. I drink a ton of water. But something I have been starting to realize over the last 5 years is that with age your health starts to change. For me so far it has been kidney stones and a pinched nerve a few years back. That isn’t a big deal really. But last winter I got a cold after cough after cold after cough nonstop. Then after all the colds and coughs I started to get this stomach thing. It wasn’t painful. I just didn’t feel like my normal self. Nothing changed in my diet or routine but I didn’t feel right. So I started to go to the doctor. A lot. They took a ton of blood. Ran a bunch of tests. And I even had to give a stool sample. Now that is some of the grossest shit I ever had to do in my life. Pun intended. Everything came back normal except for some slightly elevated liver functionality. I feel better now but still not normal. It’s still an ongoing thing. Of course I immediately worry about cancer with my family’s history with the terrible disease. And I keep trying to figure out what I can do differently in my diet and lifestyle but I still feel…off. I hate doctors. I hate hospitals. I hate “bad” or uncontrollable change. But I guess these are things you just start to deal with when it comes to aging. I don’t know how unhealthy lifestyle living people do it because this shit is stressful and annoying and I do my best to live healthy. I don’t want to sound callous but stress and anxiety aren’t things that I believe in for myself. I grew up in a stressful environment and I figure that if that shit didn’t do damage back then, then no way my great life now could cause damage to my health. But yet here I am, not feeling like my normal self. To be continued I guess…

Has aging changed your health for unknown reasons or am I going crazy?


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