T-pisode -1: 9/25/17

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T-pisode -1
Some of the things I like? Writing, Patriots football, America, Boston sunsets like this and Presidents that don’t tweet stupid shit like assholes.


I’m introducing the “T-pisode Negative” series with this one tonight. A T-pisode Negative is an impromptu T-pisode that bumps out the preplanned T-pisode that was scheduled to post so I can share my take on the latest happenings in the world.


Last week for me was a busy week. A lot going on with work, my writing, dating app dates and gearing up as my mother will soon begin chemo and radiation treatments for cancer. All the while avoiding every other person or thing that may cause me even the tiniest amount of additional drama or stress. Because I’m not having it. Because I don’t want to choke a motherfucker at 40 years old. Nor do I feel like explaining myself to anyone anymore at 40 years old. I’ll go in-depth more about all that in future T-pisodes. For now… I have something to say about the current state of the world starting with all these natural disasters. They’re scary. They’re happening. And we’re not ready to deal with it all because the person in office doesn’t believe in global warming. What he does believe in is nuclear war and a war is coming with North Korea. No doubt about it. This is all happening while he “tweets” and while he is tweeting things like rescinding White House invites to basketball players like Steph Curry. Wait, what? And then he tells the world that the NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem. Which caused most of the NFL to kneel even more this weekend. Look, I know the kneeling is to peacefully protest the social inequality in America today and not to blatantly disrespect the flag or military or this great country. I get it. Most people with some intelligence get it. And yes all that other shit is more important than the sport of football. But here’s what some people also need to get. The kneeling during the national anthem is intended to be a message but the people who love and respect this country and who love and respect our military and that did not vote for Donald Trump like myself, stand. We stand for the country that allows us the freedom to protest peacefully. We stand for the military’s men and women who have died or can’t stand for themselves anymore. Some of us now stand up and lock arms united together because we want to show that we’re ALL equal instead of kneeling to protest one fool in office that we unfortunately have to call President for the time being because of the obvious mistake made by those who voted for him. So I leave you with this… Stand together for everything you believe in because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Get it?


Until next time. Always take it there.