T-pisode 366: T Does Soccer

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T-pisode 366
I have no idea what the fuck is going on in this pic. Actually, I had no idea what was going on the entire fucking soccer game. Seriously.


I’ve made it no secret on here that I am not only a huge sports fan but I am a huge Boston sports fan and a huge Boston sports fan who hates soccer. I was brutally honest and harsh in my early days on T-blawg and soccer was one of my many victims. I do put some thought into how I execute my words on here now believe it or not. So here is my updated take on the sport of soccer. In Boston, well New England actually, we have a soccer team. The New England Revolution and they are considered to be the city’s very distant 5th professional sports team. Well last summer I went to my first professional soccer game that featured the New England Revolution AKA the Revs versus the Philadelphia Union AKA I have no fucking idea. I scored my company tickets that were on the field where what I was calling the 50-yard line in football talk not soccer talk. Does soccer have soccer talk??? I’m in Gillette all season long in my usual seats for the Patriots and that is the only thing that I could somewhat recognize. That the seats were where the 50-yard line usually is. I brought my mother, my niece and my nephew who was on a soccer team himself at the time. We only lasted the first half…I think that’s what it was called…and it felt like we were there for fucking 4 hours. The Revs were terrible and they got killed. I had no idea what was going on and we were all bored out of our minds. Kicks. Foot kicks. Head kicks. Knee kicks. Chest kicks. All different kinds of flags. So much ref whistling. The seats were only half filled and those people seemed half dead. It was painful. I tried people, I really did. But I just couldn’t get into it. I went because I had to try soccer. I had to finally be able to say that I had been to all the Boston teams games and I did just that. It was brutal. It was boring. It is something I WILL never ever do again. I got a hard confirmation. It is confirmed. T did soccer and he hates it.

Are you a soccer fan? I’m sorry. Not really.


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