T-pisode 369: MY Milestone

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T-pisode 369
I have thought about “sunsetting” the Patriots Day/Red Sox/Marathon Monday tradition in the past but after the 2013 bombings I promised myself I would keep the tradition going until the day I die.


This past April marked the “official” 20th year anniversary of my T-blawg infamous Patriot’s Day/Boston Marathon celebration. I started it when I was 19 years old and this last one I came in across the finish line at 39 years old. I’m not one for relationships or long-term commitments but I do believe in traditions. I also believe in Boston. And I believe in loyalty, respect and pride. But mostly I believe in family. And that’s what came together on that day. Of course the Red Sox played…and won. Of course the marathon itself happened. And yes there was a lot of drinking and laughing and yelling and smiling. I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore. And every other “big” holiday I’ve given up to family members and their kids. But Marathon Monday is MY day and it means a lot to me. It sucks that some people no longer see that and have fallen off the face of the planet when it comes to celebrating this important, fun and time-honored tradition but I am so very thankful for the people who I still see every year on this day. It’s Boston. It’s tradition. It’s nothing but love. Marathon Monday…it’s now a milestone too.


What are some of your most important traditions that are close to your heart?



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