T-pisode 368: Dating Opposite

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T-pisode 368
This is the Pru reflected in some “dirty water” in Boston’s Back Bay Fens. Is it the opposite of the real thing? I don’t know. I guess I was trying to go for a George Costanza move here… Because salmon swims against the current!


I threw in the towel years ago as far as finding a woman for a serious, long-term relationship that was my preferred type. There are still some must haves for me of course mixed in with compromise and the open-mindedness of a woman who brings something new to the table. But recently I tried dating against my type and by that I mean I went totally opposite of myself. I tried dating some women who were younger, not college educated, still living at home, barely even had jobs and definitely not careers. Had no ambition really. No direction in life, didn’t really love Boston as a city or home or even it’s sports teams but LOVED the fucking shit out of communicating through technology way fucking more than physical intimacy and consider “hanging out” as a form of dating. And guess what? I did NOT enjoy myself at all. AT ALL. Dating opposite was one of the dumbest fucking things I ever decided to do after “retiring” from hooking up with T-blawg groupies as far as dating goes for me. This little dopey experiment of mine did give me some fodder for other upcoming T-pisodes and inspired me to try dating apps that also led to dating some millennials unfortunately and now dating women even slightly older than me. So this dating opposite thing may not be over whether I like it or not but I always appreciate getting material and lessons out of everything I live through!


Have you ever tried dating against your type? Or tried breaking your dating type routine? Then realize it was a terrible, terrible mistake?!?!


Until next time. Always take it there.