T-pisode 381: Maturing After 30

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T-pisode 381
I’ve matured like crazy in so many ways recently but part of me will always act like Lil’ T on an elementary school field trip when I come to this place…Boston’s Museum of Science.


The ages of 33 to 38 were absolutely the years I grew the most as a man. Not in height because I think I stopped growing in the 8th grade. But mentally, emotionally and financially 33 to 38 was all about making moves in life for me. I chased dreams in Hollywood. Built a new life in Boston. Solidified a career in corporate America. Travelled the world. Broke some hearts. Had my heart broken. And spoiled the fuck out of the people I cared about the most. In between all that I became a grown man. My childhood, teens and twenties were definitely a different life for me. Then the year between 39 and 40 was when I finally matured. I know. It’s crazy writing that. But in one single year I added up everything and broke down everyone and mixed in all the lessons learned with all the mistakes made and 365 days peaked in my maturity. I could see clearly who and what really mattered in my life because I was too mentally and emotionally immature to see it before. There are pieces to your life puzzle that fit perfectly. PERFECTLY. Then there are those ones that never quite fit. But you tried to fit them. I tried to fit in her. I tried to fit in them. I tried to fit in that. I said that but I really should have said this. I did this but I should have done that. I didn’t see any of it while I was growing in that 5-6-year span because I was too busy “doing” and living. I don’t know if all men go through this in that last year in their 30s. And I’ve been told that once a man hits his 40s that he is now wise somehow. All knowing. Everything he has gone through in life has put him at an age where he should share his wisdom. Well I have a shit ton of wisdom and I feel fully matured now. So let’s see where I take this all next.


Do we ever stop maturing? I can now honestly say, yes. But at different speeds for each of us. What do you think?


Until next time. Always take it there.