T-pisode 384: Grown Man Shit – Sports

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T-pisode 384
I took this photo at one of the thousand games I’ve been to in Fenway Park and chose to make it black & white to capture a moment in time that could never be dated.


*A T-blawg series tailored to fit the modern-day man… Basically a new series that is a “Grown Man Shit” perspective on MY “Bro Code” chapters and then some!!!


Men and sports go hand in hand. Sports are in our DNA. Every little boy remembers his first mitt. The first strike out. The first time he sunk a three pointer. When he perfected a spiral. What it feels like the first time you lost. And how glorious a win feels. But that’s the play part. Watching sports when you can no longer play them because very few of us get to become professional athletes. So the watching of sports becomes more. It turns to love…hate…passion. For some, a way of life. For a Bostonian, it is life. When you had the chance to grow up in Boston the way I did, you got to experience it all.

Lovable losers. Reverse the curse. Cowboy up. Why not us? The beards. The duck boats. A decade of dominance. Titletown. Do…your…job. Orr. Bird. Brady. Ortiz. I don’t have to be a professional athlete. I’m a lifelong Bostonian. I am a grown man now. I have the credentials that allow me to tell MY sports stories to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I can say “Tom Brady” and anyone in a 10 foot radius will want to talk to me about their own Tom Brady opinions. I can sit in my season ticketed seat in Gillette and text anyone a picture and I WILL get a reaction…good or bad. I tell people to look up at the rafters in the Garden and count. I earned those banners. Yes I did. I tell people where they can find me every Marathon Monday in April, right inside Fenway Park. Because it’s MY tradition. I can still shoot a three pointer. I can still throw a spiral. I can Tough Mudder my ass up and down a mountain. And I can still throw some hard, fast, dirty boxing hands at you. Sports have been and always will be a huge part of my life. I didn’t have a choice. I’m from Boston. And now I’m a grown man. With a little sports stories to tell and sports knowledge to share. “Your form is terrible. Do it like this.” “You need more protein. Meal prep this.” “You’re out of your fucking mind if you think Lebron is better than Jordan.” All of that. I earned it.

The sharing of anything sports related happens all the time amongst men but there is nothing like passing it on from father to son. I’m not a dad. Not sure if I ever will be at this point. But if you’re a grown man, keep sharing your love of sports with your fellow man but if you’re a father then it is your responsibility and also a gift to pass it all on to your son. This isn’t something I can write about here because I don’t have that experience but if you love sports and I would hope you dads all love your sons, then keep it going. Your son will love you even more for it.


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