T-pisode 385: Burial Words

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T-pisode 385
There are plenty of flowers I can pick walking around Boston to place on your tombstone so don’t fucking tempt me! I’m kidding!!! Not really…


For over 8 years I have come here and shared my life under this Red Sox hat. With each written word I risk pissing off someone… A friend. A family member. Someone I’m dating. Someone I’m no longer dating. Someone from work. Someone in another state. In another country. Shit, even someone from the first fucking grade! Some people in my personal life now only keep tabs on me by coming here, waiting to jump on me because of my words. I haven’t seen you or heard from you in how many years? Yet, you feel like this T-pisode or that T-pisode is about you? Okkkk. Tell your mother I said hi. Tell your new puppy I wish I was his dog dad. Tell your new slash second husband I said hello, thanks for being a fan. You two, please tell your kid who I never met that I’m sorry his parents turned out to be dickheads and don’t know how to pick up a phone. Hey you from work who barely speaks to me in the office but apparently has been reading T-blawg since day one without telling me in person you have been coming here religiously since day one just to spread my business around the office…stay petty, friend. And stay stalking. I have to laugh. This is T-blawg. It isn’t as wild or as hilarious as it once was but I use it to capture my thoughts. It’s not intended to be a tool to hurt feelings or as a weapon to be used against you or me or anyone actually. But I’m not stopping. So you keep reading. And God bless.


Is there something important to you that you do in your life but others choose to hold it against you even though it has almost zero impact on their lives?


Until next time. Always take it there.