T-pisode 383: Grown Man Shit – Traveling

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T-pisode 383
This photo wasn’t taken on any of my worldly travels but I will put the amazing skies of my Boston Fenway neighborhood up against any other city’s sky on this planet.


*A T-blawg series tailored to fit the modern-day man… Basically a new series that is a “Grown Man Shit” perspective on MY “Bro Code” chapters and then some!!!


Traveling as a grown man can take many forms. An adventure. A lesson. A mistake. A business opportunity or loss. A release. A journey. When you travel you take familiar things from home to make yourself comfortable and hopefully when you come back, you come back with something from your travels. Moments…memories…pictures…gifts…but most importantly, experiences. When you have accrued experiences on your travels that have shaped you then you know you are a grown man.

After enough personal and business travel over the years you tend to know a lot more about the man you are outside of your comfort zone. Travelling to other cities, states and countries where your career grows or when you chase your dreams to a place where you have a shot at making them a reality or taking someone you love to live in a hotel and test a possible future together…these are things you don’t see when you’re living the trip. You learn from them when you get home. Every party trip to Vegas…every romantic getaway for a long weekend or to Paris even…every trip to Los Angeles to pitch your scripts…they shape you. For better or worse, what you experience and what you learn from what you did and who you did it with on your travels make you into a man who knows life. Who knows the world. When you do it long enough and especially when you travel alone…every man should try travelling alone at some point…you turn those experiences into knowledge you can share. I call it “travel wisdom” and every man should have plenty of it by the time he hits the midway point in his life.

If you are a grown, accomplished man who has made travel an important part of your life then you should be comfortable enough to share your travel wisdom with others. I’m not saying you need to start a travel blog but you should tell your friends and family where you’ve been and what you learned there. You can’t take everyone you know on your travels with you but telling them why you loved Paris but don’t speak to that girl anymore… why you still love Philadelphia even though a special woman broke your heart there… why you can still smell the inside of the Sistine Chapel even if you’re not allowed to ever step foot back in it again… why London comes in a close second to Boston for you… what it was like to wake up in Santorini with a woman you will never see again… and why you still write scripts after countless heart breaks in Los Angeles, will let them know a little bit more about the grown man you have become.


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