T-pisode 386: F*ck Cancer 2

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T-pisode 386
I took this photo on a very typical walk home for me after visiting my mother the first day of her latest cancer operation and I felt totally lost on that walk…


I wrote this back in 2015 and life apparently thinks I need to do a sequel three years later. My mother recently developed yet another type of cancer in her body. This time it was near her liver and it was a very rare and powerful cancer that would require the removal of 60% of her liver, her entire gallbladder, followed by a month-long recovery until her body was then physically fit enough to handle two months of chemotherapy that included both the IV drip and the oral pill, followed by a month of radiation 5 days a week. Where we are almost at the end of now. Luckily, there currently is no sign of that cancer. Which I can’t put into words how I feel about that. I also can’t put into words what the last 8 months have been like for me, for my family, but most importantly, for my mother. I have written about how strong my mother is on here so many times but this time around she hasn’t stopped amazing all of us with her strong she is. Mentally…physically…emotionally. She doesn’t deserve any of this but yet it keeps happening to her and she keeps fighting. I almost tapped out though this time around. I’m not going to lie. I was broken. Mentally…physically…and emotionally. But with her recovery I have begun my own recovery. NOTHING like what she went through but it has been brutal. Cancer isn’t taking my mother and its side effects to what it has done to her will not take me. Instead, I’m taking her to Ireland for everything she has been through. And once again… FUCK CANCER.


I’m not putting a question at the end of this one. Instead I’m placing a link to donate to the American Cancer Society. Every little bit helps. Thank you.


Until next time. Always take it there.