T-pisode 394: T Does Ireland

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T-pisode 394
I took this T-blawg Pose pic under the influence of some good ol’ Irish whiskey!


I had Ireland waaaaay down on my list of places to visit in Europe. Not that I had anything against the place but it just didn’t entice me as much England, France, Italy, Spain or Greece did. I even had Scotland and Prague before it on the list. But my mother wanted to go and my oldest niece was up next to get a vacation out of me so I booked the trip to Dublin. Health issues came up with my mother a few weeks before the trip and she was deemed not fit to travel quite yet by her doctor so this trip was going to be just my niece and me. So off we went to the land of whiskey & leprechauns ol’ plenty…

To my pleasant surprise, Dublin turned out to be one of my favorite places to visit in all of Europe! From a look perspective it is honestly London meets Boston meets New York with a bunch of happy and kind Irish folk living on this jolly green island! They absolutely love Americans too. As far as stereotypes go…yes, almost everyone is drunk. I saw a 4-year-old girl with a whiskey face. But she was happy! I’m kidding. Not really. And the stereotype that Dublin has horrible food is absolutely wrong! I mean if you go to a bar in Boston you will get shitty bar food. Same goes for bars and pubs anywhere in the world. Use your damn head. But if you go to nice 4-5 star restaurants like we did in Dublin then you will get quality food. And we sure did. It was right up there with Paris & Rome. Fo’ reals. I really enjoyed colcannon and I really enjoyed my whiskey. I’m a whiskey guy. So as far as lunch, dinner and the Jameson Distillery went, I was in heaven! And we learned a lot about the history of the country. I LOVE learning and exploring on vacation. I don’t like sitting still like a potato. Speaking of potatoes…every meal came with potatoes. The Trinity College library looks like it is in Hogwart’s. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches I have visited. And our day trip to Cork included a stop at some amazing castles and the country side is every shade of green. And yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone and I will now have the gift of gab for the next 7 years. Like I really needed THAT!

Ireland was an amazing country and my niece and I had some quality bonding time. Which to me is always a plus when I bring my loved ones on vacation with me. Exploring, talking, eating, drinking and having the time together that is sometimes hard to come by in everyday life with busy schedules. And with that…THIS time this is my last travel T-pisode. I’m finishing up the written T-pisodes and I promise my travel adventures are going to continue in another form very soon. So…lemme close this out like I always close these out… I really enjoyed Dublin. But I love Boston the best!!!



Until next time. Always take it there.