T-pisode 395: Political Career

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T-pisode 395
Sometimes office politics are just like the Patriots…you’re just trying to do your job and win while there are haters in the stands and in the front office doing everything they can to prevent it.


I’m VERY good at my job. And I do LOVE discussing politics. But put the two together in the form of office politics? It’s some straight up bullshit I despise. With a passion. Why? Because like I said, I’m good at my job. My work speaks for itself. As it should. Hard workers should be treated accordingly because their work speaks for them. But there are some people who only have their jobs…who can only elevate their careers by playing the political game. Which can consist of lies…bullshitting…ass kissing…talking out of both sides of the mouth…taking credit for the work of others and only worrying about how YOU shine in the limelight. I’ve been in corporate America for almost 17 years. I have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. I have seen a lot of office politics. And it’s a game I still refuse to play. And always will. I have always been a straight shooter and this bit me in the ass earlier in my career because some people were too sensitive to my words. This still happens to me on the occasion. But I rather be honest and disliked than dishonest and loved. That’s just me. That’s how I’ll always be. That’s how I earn and give respect. I could never be a little office dictator who is disconnected from the people on a team and barks commands because they only care about optics. The optics about how only they are viewed. I can’t stand that shit. So, I’ll always be someone who works hard, stays honest, networks with “human beings” who have feelings and matter and kick ass as much as possible daily no matter which company I work for. Appreciation and respect are sometimes worth more than salary, bonuses and titles. Trust me on this one people. Office politics are for straight up assholes. And no one likes an asshole.



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