T-pisode 393: Stressed Life

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T-pisode 393
When walking around MY beautiful city of Boston…one of my most favorite things to do in life ever…wasn’t helping me, I knew something was wrong with me.


I can handle anything. ANYTHING. That’s just how I was built. Designed. There isn’t a single thing this world has thrown at me in 40 years on this big, beautiful planet that I can’t handle. But several things all at once during a time when my mom’s health, turning a certain age, work stress and house hunting combined and became the perfect storm I was hit with something I never dealt with before. Anxiety. Panic. Chest pains. Headaches. They came in fast and furious and I wasn’t myself. I had never felt like this before. So I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with anxiety. Told me all my vitals and blood work was normal. Everything was normal. But I didn’t feel like me. I still don’t as I write this. Not sure if my ego wanted to accept that I was distressed to the point where my health had changed but it did. According to my doctor. Part of me still thinks there is something else but the doc says no. I’m ok. I just need to deal with this shit. So more cardio it was. Bed early. Up early. 8 hours of sleep. Phone and TV off an hour before bed. Blue light emission blocking glasses on my eyes when I write and at the office. Very little to no alcohol. Leaving the office on time. And stopped house hunting for a bit. I hated the fact that I had to make these changes. A self-proclaimed beast that went 18 hours a day for 40 years no problem…no more. But I guess I’m not Superman. I found my second kryptonite. My first kryptonite still being women. And here I am. No longer a superhero. In my mind anyway. Seriously…my head is still all screwy. More than it usually is. I’m better overall but my head is another issue. Hopefully with time it gets as back to normal as possible. Back to MY normal that is. Superhero normal.



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