T-pisode 398: An Overdue Text

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T-pisode 398
Some places in Boston remind me of some special ones almost daily. This is one of those nightly views that do that to me.


About four years ago I was down. Went through a breakup. My mom was dealing with cancer again. My arm was destroyed. And work was nuts. I just kept to myself for a period of time and got myself better. I finally got back to dating and hooking up months later and I was back on the horse again. One girl in particular got into the mix. She was special. She threw me for a loop. So much so that we bonded probably for life. She spent a lot of time at my place and I was there for her a lot. She was going through…stuff. She had gone through stuff in life before ever meeting me. I took her to where I grew up one night to let her in a little closer. Something I had never done with a girl before. Take them to my childhood neighborhood. Even the ones I was in a real relationship with. And started to tell her how I really felt finally. She was wine drunk and I didn’t think she remembered that night much the next day…week…months…years later. She moved across the country and even though I thought about her almost every day, I never heard from her. And to be fair, she never heard from me. Because my ego stopped me from reaching out. Then I started to think she hated me. Then, I finally got a text. That nickname popped up on my phone late one night. The text itself mentioned “THAT” night from all that time ago. Of course I responded. I paused and had to collect myself but I responded. I told her I thought she hated me. She said she didn’t. Was that enough? For now it had to be. The moral of this story people is that there are people who come in and out of our lives who we all get shaken up from when we finally hear from them again. Whether in person. Or from a phone call. Or from a single text. I think she and I are THAT to each other. But I think our pride and stubbornness will always hold us back from sharing anymore of our feelings and from ever finishing what we started even before that night. It happens. It’s good but it sucks. But it happens. Then life goes on. Years will pass. Relationships and thoughts will come and go. It will just be silence for a long time. And then you get another text…


Until next time. Always take it there.