T-pisode 397: RIP T-blawg Groupies

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T-pisode 397
There will be a section in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts dedicated to all the T-blawg groupies one day. I swear to Baby Jesus there will.


With the T-pisodes coming to an end in written form I had to decide on which topics I wanted to share in these final Mondays. One topic that has been a recurring theme on T-blawg over the last 9 years has been the infamous “T-blawg Groupies” AKA women who did not know me before T-blawg but wanted to meet the man under the Sox hat from this site. So I met a bunch of them. Had “relations” with some of them. Ohhhh the relations!!! Got stories to write here because of most of them. Some good. A lot bad. So I swore them off a few years back but recently had a relapse with a new one. But it was atypical. Atypical in the way that she was older…older than me even. Not just older than the average T-blawg Groupie. A divorced mom. And in a new relationship. And we only communicated through DMs over the course of two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Where it started with basic intros to flirting to sharing pics to “Hey, let’s meet soon” to….a rapid fucking decline! TWO WEEKS. Holy shit. I had things going on in my life that needed my attention so I slowed down on the messages over the course of 48 fucking hours and she went psycho. She went from flirting to “I miss you” to pouring her heart out to getting angry from my lack of replies to telling me “have a good life” in a matter of minutes and messages. It was fucking scary. And surprising. Because I had gone down the T-blawg Groupie road so many times before. SO MANY TIMES. But this was different because I was different. I had grown. Thank you Baby Jesus. And I was thankful it didn’t go any further because the old me would both accept and gladly handle that kind of crazy for some fucking reason. Because that crazy and drama used to turn me on. Oh yeah it did, baby. Now though? Now it sure as fuck does not. And now, I also leave. And that’s what I did. I stopped. I left. And with that, the T-blawg Groupie is finally…FINALLY…dead.

RIP T-blawg Groupies


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