T-pisode 399: Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 4…The LAST Chapter

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T-pisode 399
No way I was ending the T-pisodes without one last tribute to some of Boston’s most finest ladies! (BTW…she is fine in person too)


On October 25, 2010 I put up my very first “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” T-pisode. It made T-blawg “semi” famous and the site started to find its voice. On August 27, 2012 I released “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 2” and T-blawg was officially “made” as an entertainment website allowing me to tell my stories, share my opinions and put on for Boston every Monday. While I know T-blawg is more than just a list of beautiful, talented, intelligent and sexy women with ties to Boston, I wanted to honor the “Boston’s Hottest List” and put out a part 3 on November 16, 2015 to complete the trilogy. And now with the T-pisodes coming to an end next Monday I wanted to come full circle one last time with part 4. Even in a world of IG models trying to cash in on social media fame based only on looks and in a world where the #metoo movement is pushing for more equality for women, I still appreciate and respect the hell out of women and want to close out T-blawg the right way with one last appreciation post for some special ladies.

The three components to make this list still stand from all three parts. They are: The Boston connection; Their hotness factor; and what they’re most known for. And this time, I included their Instagram names so feel free to check them out! So here are the 10 FINAL women that made “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 4.” The final chapter!


Olivia Culpo @oliviaculpo

Boston connection: Olivia is a Rhode Island girl who is basically 40 minutes from Boston if you do about 80 to 85 and she dated former New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola.
Hotness: She is a former Miss Rhode Island and Miss Universe and she’s Italian AND she’s now a legit real life model beyond Instagram and Sports Illustrated even!
Known For: Being a model; Being a social media celebrity


Kacie McDonnell @kaciemcdonnell

Boston connection: I like to think I was an early advocate to get Kacie to Boston from Philadelphia a few years ago when I came across her Twitter. She was a sportscaster in Philly at the time and finally came to Boston two years ago to work for NESN. Mission accomplished.
Hotness: She kind of looks like Megan Fox and has the prettiest smile on TV.
Known For: Being a NESN sportscaster in Boston


Drisana Sharma @drisanasharma

Boston connection: Drisana is a local Boston model and club bottle girl and kind of looks like a Kardashian without all the annoying shit that comes with them.
Hotness: She is ridiculously pretty and has curves that go on for days!
Known For: Being a model; Being a social media celebrity


Julia Scaparotti @julia_scaparotti

Boston connection: Julia is both a former New England Patriots cheerleader and Miss Massachusetts who I really loved cheering for at Pats games almost as much as I love cheering for the Pats. And she waved at me once at a game.
Hotness: She is a model, cheerleader and former Miss something. She hits the hotness trio!
Known For: Being a model; The Patriots; The state of Mass?


Ashley Schultz @ashxschultz

Boston connection: I’m not sure of Ashley’s connection to Boston. I stumbled upon her IG a few years ago and fell in love. She sometimes wears a Sox hat but I think she may be from western Mass or New Hampshire? I dunno. I don’t care. I loves her. I mean I #wouldwife her on my social media shit like nonstop people.
Hotness: Her face, eyes, hair, body and dance moves are incredible. I want to marry her.
Known For: Dancing in her Instagram videos; Being my future ex-wife


Rachel Holt @itsrachelholt

Boston connection: Rachel is a NESN reporter and went to Northeastern University. I went to Northeastern University and the girls did NOT look like Rachel when I went there! Not even close.
Hotness: She has model good looks. Insane sports knowledge. And a million dollar smile. She’s a keeper.
Known For: Being a NESN reporter; That face


Meredith Gorman @meregorman

Boston connection: Meredith also went to Northeastern University and I’m starting to wonder what the fuck is in the water these days at my old college. She works for NESN and is a New England Patriots reporter who I get to see in Gillette every Sunday and she is 10 times more beautiful in person. I swear to Baby Jesus.
Hotness: She is beautiful. Knows sports. And delivers sports news with the cutest sports news tone delivery for television!
Known For: Being a NESN and Patriots reporter


Anna Sophe @annasophe

Boston connection: I found Anna on Instagram about two years ago and immediately fell in love. She is beyond beautiful with an amazing body and is a local nurse so you have to assume she has a caring heart too.
Hotness: She could be a professional model. And she should be even more IG famous than she already is.
Known For: Being an IG model; Being the hottest nurse on the planet Earth


Jadiann Thompson @jadianntv

Boston connection: Jadiann works for the channel 7 news here in Boston and even though it’s 2018 and I hardly watch the news anymore, I go out of my way to watch Jadiann on the news…and on social media…as often as possible.
Hotness: She is beautiful and does some good-hearted stories that she sometimes gets involved in on the news. And she has the sexiest most difficult first name ever on local TV.
Known For: Being a news reporter; Having a confusing name


Alex Kramer @alex_kraemer3

Boston connection: Alex came to Boston about a year ago to cover the Boston Bruins for NESN.
Hotness: She loves hockey. Is tall and sexy. Is in ridiculous shape. And kind of looks like a cat. But like a sexy cat. Like one of those sexy cat costumes women wear for Halloween but she looks like that 24/7/365 and I dig it!
Known For: Being a NESN reporter; Looking like a sexy cat human…not a crazy cat lady


So that closes out the “Boston’s Hottest Series” on T-blawg! 54 amazing women with ties to Boston have been named over the last 9 years and will live on infamy. So go show these ladies some love and let them know ol’ T sent you!

And this WILL continue to exist in another form along with my #wouldwife picks when I take T-blawg to the next level…FIND OUT NEXT WEEK RIGHT HERE WHAT THAT IS GOING TO BE!!!


Until next time. Always take it there.