T-pisode 400: The FINAL T-pisode

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T-pisode 400
Time to “sunset” the written T-pisodes people. You see what I did there? Yeah, you did.

This is the FINAL “written” T-pisode. Das right. Unlike my Michael Jordan slash Jay-Z temporary retirement of 3 years ago, this is the end. Of the “written” T-pisode. There will be no coming back this time wearing the fo’ five or the two-three or the seventy-seven which is MY number by the way. I have come here almost every Monday for the last 9 years to tell my story through “written” T-pisodes and have given the world volume after volume of my life through truths, tales, lists, codes, rules, travel adventures, opinions and philosophies. But now the “written” T-pisode has run its course. Sick of seeing “written” T-pisode yet? Me too. So allow myself to explain…myself.

The world has changed. I have changed. The book will be done. I promise. For fuck sake it will be finished! Then it’s back to the scripts. And the start of something new…The T-podcast. That’s right. Even though podcasts have been around even longer than T-blawg has. Which is 9 years. I am going to start a podcast. The T-podcast will be me telling my stories instead of writing them. I said the world has changed. No one reads anymore. People have zero attention spans. We click. We watch a video. We listen. But we don’t read blogs OR entertainment websites anymore. It’s sad but times change. People change. So I’m changing…the direction of T-blawg that is. I’ll keep the site up to post the T-podcasts and other things I am working on but instead of a T-pisode every Monday you will get a T style podcast! And I am super FUCKING excited about it. I will continue to share my takes on everything in my life and in life in general including dating, family, friends, sports, Boston, women, work and all my crazy codes and rules that self govern my crazy and awesome life. But instead of reading it now you get to hear my awesome fucking Boston accent. And I plan to have guests. I think interactions live on the podcast with some of the people I have been writing about for years will lead to some interesting and entertaining stuff! And I won’t just stick to Mondays on the podcast. I hope to find a balance with everything else going on in my life and carve out some time every week to hit the mic and chop up some podcasts throughout the week for The T-podcast. I’m a writer that’s for sure. And I have the book and scripts to fill that need. But I’m also a talker and a storyteller so I think the podcast will be another wheelhouse for me. And I have a lot of ideas that I can play around with by doing a podcast that I could never do here. And like I said, I’m PUMPED!

With that said… Thank you to everyone that made T-blawg something over the last 9 years. Every Monday was MY day and I enjoyed sharing my life from under this Red Sox hat. And that goes for the good, the bad, the ugly and the fucking crazy. This site has come a long way and evolved from T-pisode 1 through T-pisode 400 and so have I. I’m all grown. And T-blawg is all grown up and it’s time for something new and different. Coming this fall, keep an eye out for T-pod. Shit just got real… The realest, really.


Until next time. Always take it there.