T-pisode 124: Worst….Winter….Ever

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Winter came hard. That's what she said.

I had my ass handed to me this past Winter. In almost every way possible. Now I am not going to turn this T-pisode into a bitch session because that is not how T rolls. Let me tell you about my Winter and then I will drop my lessons learned from it on yo’ ass. From late April 2011 to early December 2011 I was on an epic run. EPIC. I sat down with a major Hollywood studio and convinced them to take my Family Adventure movie treatment and they wanted to see 10 pages of it. Awesome! So I wrote them and turned them in. I was dating some “almost” normal women who had my attention and were definitely worth my time. One of my bestest bros got married and I was in one of the greatest weddings ever, topped off with the greatest flash mob dance to Katy Perry’s “Firework” to ever assemble under one roof! The Bruins won The Cup. The Sox became the best team in baseball. The Pats became a Super Bowl contender. I had signed on to work for the greatest and highest paying job of my career. I had an amazing time in jolly ol’ London. My birthday was another epic birthday party even though I almost died. As usual. And finally it looked like I was primed for one hell of a holiday run and the best Winter ever. Then boom. The train fell off the tracks.

What happened? Are you ready? Let’s get the small potatoes out of the way first. Forget the Sox epic collapse and the Pats Super Bowl loss. The women came and went. That’s what T said. One gave me “The Fadeout” which was some lame ass shit. Whatever. Water under the bridge. The major studio came back with a “We love this idea. You can write. You have something. But we can’t do anything with you right now. Stay in touch.” That was a punch in the face. So I trekked through Christmas with the family being the tough son, brother, cousin, uncle, single guy T everyone expected. I dealt with it. That’s what I always do. That all sucked but I put on my game face. After Christmas weekend I had the Friday before New Year’s off. I wanted to lick my wounds with my boys. Except none of them were around. The holidays, marriage, kids, vacation…hey I get it. They were busy. So I had two options that Thursday night. Stay in or get into some T trouble. I went with the latter of course. I met up with a girl and had an amazing time. Amazing. We had natural chemistry and we both smiled the entire time. Sure we didn’t make sense being together on paper but that didn’t matter to either of us at the time. We had such a good time together I didn’t want it to end. “Wait T? How is that bad???” you’re wondering. I’ll get there people. I went to my cousin’s house like I always do that New Year’s Eve. My family was there. We ate. We drank. We had fun. My mother was there as well. But not in the best shape this year. My mother has had a variety of health issues her entire life. The past 2 years brought another new health issue. She didn’t look well at all. My mother and the rest of my immediate family left and one of my old school Eastie boys, my cousins and I got blasted. BLASTED! I only did because seeing my mother like that killed me inside. The next day I was hungover as fuck but I got to see that girl again. We had another great day. Then she went out of town for a while and when she came back, she didn’t want anything to do with me. WTF?! I know she had her reasons but that really sucked for me too. On top of all that we found out that my mother had some serious health issues in addition to the existing serious health issues! I would spend the next 6 weeks that Winter on doctors appointments with her. Spent a shit load of time trying to get answers. Stressed trying to make sense of things. And then she had to have a major operation. While all of this was going on a few friends & family members stepped up. Others were almost nowhere to be found. I was surprised and disappointed. But I trekked on.

So even though the Boston weather this Winter was mild my life got hit with storm after storm. It was friggin’ nuts this past Winter man! But I dealt with it like I always had since I had to man up at the age of 7. My sister, my cousin, his wife, my old Eastie pal, my longest Bullpen girl and my “west coast family” were there every step of the way though. Even my lady friend out in LA made sure I had a good time with her when I went out there in February. My mother has made a somewhat recovery since the Winter ended. More to come. I’ll get more shots at Hollywood I know. I really miss that amazing girl even though I shouldn’t. But I do. But hey…it’s Spring right?! And I love the Spring! A fresh start. So the train is on the tracks again. Full speed ahead. T style is back of course! But what did I learn? Absolutely SHIT! I joke! I joke! I learned that even though I can pretty much handle almost anything on my own it’s nice when people who matter come over and lift some of the weight with me. Don’t just sit around thinking your pal can handle things on his/her own people! A text here and there. A phone call here and there. A Facebook comment or tweet…none of these things will ever compare to a “Hey pal. I’m on my way. We’re going out! Whatever you need. I got you.” Be there for a friend. Like BE there. In person. I’ll never let a friend down. And now I know to make sure I know what’s going on in the lives of the people I care about as much as possible. Because maybe some of them didn’t know how bad I was really hurting this Winter. So make every effort possible to help someone you care about weather their own Winter like I will from now on. Lessons learned!



Until next time. Always take it there.




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