T-pisode 162: The End of An Era!

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I had an epic dating run with the way I did things. But now I'm done. So I'll let Porky Slampig say the line.
I had an epic dating run with the way I did things. But now I’m done. So I’ll let Porky Slampig say the line.

If you were on here checking out my T-pisodes and daily posts during the month of October then you got to witness the end of an era people. You saw all those T-pisodes about dating. Oh so many damn dating T-pisodes!!! I know. I know. Sorry. And you also experienced my now infamous “Dating Sabbatical” almost every day for 3 weeks even though the real life sabbatical off of this site was about 2 months. Those posts, those T-pisodes were the last few gallons in my “old way” dating tank. That was my last straw. My last comeuppance. My last hurrah! The way I dated for so many years finally came to a close. Like I said, it was the end of an era. I have told my dating tales, shared my dating experiences, my joys, my pains, my loves, my losses, my mistakes, my successes for 3 years on this website and I ended it all without a bang. Pun intended.

I can’t speak for every man. Even though sometimes I am the voice of so many men thanks to what I created here with T-blawg. I mean I am the “Bro Code” author after all. Chapter after chapter. You know this man! But as far as dating goes, as far as dating went, I gave it my all and I gave you my all. I have nothing left to give. I have nothing left to write. I have no more dating stories to tell. And you can never say that I did not sew my fucking oats when it came to dating. T-blawg is a record of that. T-blawg is proof of that. But this man is done with the way he used to date. I can’t do it that way anymore. I won’t do it that way anymore. Shit, I’m in my 30s now. A grown, successful, healthy, happy, giving, caring, fun loving guy now. I could never say that about myself until recently. Until I took a step back and went on that dating sabbatical. I spent a lot of time coming to peace with myself that my epic dating run has ended. It was a hell of a run boy. But I get “feelings” now. I want relationships now. I think about marriage now. I think about kids now. And yes sometimes I don’t even think and nonchalantly take a chick I like to friggin’ Paris now!!! These are not the things that the old T would ever do. Ever feel. Ever care about. But I do now. And this is how I knew it was an end of an era for me. The reflecting did it. The working out did it. The writing did it. The crushing it at the office did it. Hanging out with friends and family did it. All the girls from my past did it. These are all the things that went on during my dating sabbatical. All of this made me see that the era had ended. And I am totally happy with that.

Now T 2.0 is ready and by the time this T-pisode is posted, is probably out there dating in a better, happier way. I sure hope so! I’m pretty excited to try dating with a fresh head. A new outlook. A clean heart. An open mind. I look forward to meeting and enjoying the company of new & different women. Better women. At times I thought my dating sabbatical would make me come back and go on a classic T tear of debauchery. But when it ended, I just felt good. I want more for myself now. I never wanted more for myself during that old dating era. I just didn’t for some reason. Maybe I was young. Maybe I was stupid. Maybe I was just being a single guy doing only the same shit I knew how to do. But that guy is gone. He grew up. And the era is over. Here’s to you old era! I tip the Sox hat and thank you!!! Now bring on the last dating era of my life. I am ready. Salute!


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