T-pisode 268: Do It For The ‘Gram

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This was one of the dozen or so pics that changed my Instagram forever because it was featured all over the place. But fuck it, I’m still doing T-blawg Poses on the ‘gram. Cause thug life son. THUG LIFE!!!
This was one of the dozen or so pics that changed my Instagram forever because it was featured all over the place. But fuck it, I’m still doing T-blawg Poses on the ‘gram. Cause thug life son. THUG LIFE!!!


Instagram. AKA “the ‘gram” as they call it in the streets. Well at least I call it that. Shit, I really did lose all my street cred at this point in my life if this is the stuff I’m saying now. Damn. Sorry Pac. Sorry Big. Anyway. Instagram has become a monster social media platform. Hop on there now…after you read this of course…follow me too while you’re there @tblawg LOLz…and you will see all kinds of different shit on there. People love to post a shit ton of selfies, #foodporn, memes, quotes, more #foodporn, more selfies, more quotes, more memes, some stuff from the @thefatjewish, some stuff from @fuckjerry, pics of cats, dubsmash singalongs, pics of dogs, more memes, more selfies… And a lot of hot chicks trying to get you to buy shitty products like Fit Tea and Shredz for some reason. Ahhh, the ‘gram. What a place. But ol’ T? I’m all about that fire on Instagram now. Let me tell you about it.

Just like the rest of my social media accounts, my original plan for Instagram was to promote this site. I really don’t exist on social media in my personal life. I have a Facebook page that is only for the people I can trust with all aspects of my life, a LinkedIn page for my professional day job and I recently got on Snapchat to enjoy a day in the life of my closest friends and family. Everything else is all T-blawg. My early days on the ‘gram consisted of a lot of T-blawg Poses (still not a damn selfie…where’s my face???), a lot of #foodporn and pics of whatever Boston team’s game I was in attendance for. I would occasionally put up a “good shot” taken with my phone, but those were rare. I actually did receive a scholarship for a summer arts program that offered photography classes and I also took some classes in college. Mostly old school 35mm camera shooting and developing my film in a dark room and a few digital classes. I like photography but I’m by no means good at it. But after I stepped away from T-blawg this past winter I decided to go for the “good shots” on the ‘gram. All done with my phone. I played with the settings myself. Didn’t use any filters, still won’t. And my photos started to get notice. That’s where the fire started. My pics were shared and featured all over the place. I’ve even been offered membership into some ‘gram gangs and I’m possibly considering joining some of those gangs. I don’t think they’re like the Bloods or Crips though requiring me to kill someone to join? But still! It’s pretty cool. I really like Instagram. I like dropping the fire like I’m dropping a mix tape yo! I don’t really follow people in my personal life and I won’t let most of them follow me. Because I keep T-blawg separate from my personal life now. But I really would like to blow out my ‘gram more. And I like the people who put the time in to capture a really cool shot whether they did it by phone or camera, clean it up, make it look cooler and have the balls to share it with the rest of the world fully ready for both the glory and the scrutiny. I’ll take those people any day over the ones “throwing shade” at exes, friends and family through shitty memes and quotes any day of the week. But I still love a good, funny, offensive meme baby so post away.

That’s MY Instagram. You have every right to do whatever the hell you want with your Instagram. You can choose your own “fire” and you have the choice to follow or unfollow whomever you want. That’s one of the perks of social media that you can’t just up and do in your personal life. You can customize anything on social media to your liking. It can open doors that don’t exist in everyday life. My ‘gram will be fire from now on. And that fire consists of cool shots of Boston, my vacations, sporting events and of course the famous T-blawg Pose. I found my ‘gram niche. I just need to find more followers and more cool ass people to follow. I’m not thirsty for “likes” by any means. That’s not my style. I just want to get people to come here to T-blawg while showing them some cool shit if I can. Whether it’s words or pics, that’s what I do. I try to show the world my take on life. And of course I’ll still “like” a funny meme and a pretty woman’s selfie here and there too because that’s how I roll on the ‘gram.


Until next time. Always take it there.